Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

Ugh.  I used to be at the top of my game, servicing the finest of ladies with my upcurved thicky. 

Now I’m just a nameless sewer whore.

If you haven’t heard that phrase, it describes a Man Whore who caters to Karens.  I wish there was some other way to survive, but after Elon found a way to shrink my wiener using his cursed Science, this is all I’m left with.  Foul wizard!

Day after day, I listen to their description of televised megachurch and all things manager-related. 

Day after day, my will to live slips away. 

“Here’s your money, fucker.”  My latest Karen client throws a crumpled dollar bill at my dead-eyed face, followed by a handful of exact change—99 pennies.

“No tip?”  I know what’s coming but I have to ask.

“Bon apetit, sewer whore.”  She reaches in her purse, withdraws a fruitcake, and places it on my nightstand. 

They always give me fruit cakes.  Only a Karen would think that fruitcakes qualify as an acceptable gift.

After she leaves, my composure breaks.  Tears roll down my cheeks.  My shoulders shake in silent sobs.

Fuck this.  I open my eReader to Echo, activating its reality distortion powers.  Magic flash.

An interdimensional gateway opens in my bedroom, filling the air with dreamy swells of slow-drift energy.  A beautiful, radiant figure steps out from the portal.

“Soccer Mom Prime!” I gasp.  “Why are you here?”

She gives me a smile with her glimmer-sheened lips.  “We can’t have you servicing Karens, silly.”  She waves her arm, releasing sparkling motes from the tips of her fingers.  They alight on my wiener and—


—it flops to the floor and curls around my ankle, once again restored to its original size. 

“There you go.”  Her smile grows wider.  “Now let’s put that upcurved thicky to good use, shall we?”

Hot damn!  Kent Wayne wins again!  Ha HA!



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