Dialectic of Agony


Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha is the website for me:  author Kent Wayne.  The site name comes from the subject material in my writing.

Three works are featured.  The first one is Echo, a science fiction dystopia.  I’ve posted some free sample chapters, click here to start reading.

To buy Echo Volume 1:  Approaching Shatter on Amazon click here:  Echo on Amazon.

If you want to read the plot synopsis, it’s a few lines down, fourth paragraph.  The second one is a lighthearted modern-day take on Batman if he wasn’t so Emo and Goth, titled The Rarefied Tightrope.  Click here for chapter 1:  The Rarefied Tightrope Chapter 1.

The third book is The Filthy 108:  Mystical Teachings of the Buddha-Bro. Available on Amazon.  Buy it here for only $1.08:http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TEHLL6M

It’s an eclectic mix of Buddhist and mysticism inspired wisdom.  Eclectic because it combines Eastern philosophy with dirty and disgusting humor.  I’ve recently realized (as of the middle of Volume 3) that the Filthy 108 was my first stumbling attempt at writing.  My views have changed since then (I’d like to think I’m not so bitter and hard-edged as when I wrote it, haha!) and it reflects a snapshot in time before I’d become more open and willing to embrace That It’s All Okay in the end.  I’ve left it up as a curio of sorts:  My first book in all its glorious error and eagerness.  I find it kind of embarrassing actually, and I can’t read it anymore.  But I think it’s important to be open about where we came from so I’ll leave it up.

The plot for Echo is as follows:  It has been over a thousand years since humanity has left Earth to settle off-world on Echo.  For almost that entire time, an age of darkness and oppression has ensued.  Military and police have merged into the Department of Enforcement.  Government and corporations have merged into the Regime.  Little progress has been made except in the area of weapons technology.  Echo’s only hope resides in one man, a bitter and crippled former Enforcer.  Before he can break the cycle of ignorance for Echo, he must first do it within himself.

Within the story, there will be giant robo-suits, swords, and something akin to the Force.  Currently drafting Volume 3.

For Buddhist and mysticism inspired wisdom follow the posts for The Filthy 108.  They alternate between jokes and insights.  Be warned; the jokes are nasty.  Hence the “filthy” portion of the title.

For updates about progress on Echo and reflections on writing, follow the posts under Echo-a Dystopian Science Fiction Novel.

To check out my concepts for Echo (no plot spoilers don’t worry) check out the page titled Echo:  Glossary of Concepts.  I became frustrated when I realized that it would be a little while before I had clean enough draft to publish for the public, but I wanted to express some of the garnishes and flourishes in my setting.  The Glossary of Concepts is a way for me to showpiece my ideas-without spoilers-so that my head doesn’t explode from them building up.

Thanks for your interest!  If you’re a writer, I wish you inspired drafting and insightful editing! (Best way to reach me is by DMing me on Facebook)

Kent Wayne

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  1. Hello, you followed my blog a while back, and so please forgive me for the delay, but I want to thank you for that! I’m guessing that, as a Sci-Fi writer, you might have been impressed with the only sci-fi poem that I’ve written thus far, Hyperluminal Odyssey, and thus the follow. I’d like to get your thoughts on that piece of you haven’t read it yet. You can find it here:


    Again, thanks for the follow, and apologies for the delay!!! Good luck and best wishes to you in your writing! Hope you continue to enjoy my work!

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  2. Dear Kent!
    Greetings from Shizuoka, Japan!
    Thank you so much for following my new story, “Samurais never sleep at night”! I have another totally different one (and a long one at that) at http://dragonlife.wordpress.com/
    I suppose many have already asked you the same questions. It is true that hard publishing is like wading in a shark’s pond, but how do you really go with digital publishing?
    Looking forward to reading your posts!
    Best regards,

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    • Wow, Japan’s always a place I wanted to visit. Unfortunately, I believe I’ll have to make a lot of money to afford just to eat there, haha! Digital publishing is much easier in my opinion, as I don’t have to deal with agents or editors. The product I put out is something I assume full responsibility and control over.


  3. I have my first embarrassing book that I wrote when I was 18 available online. I sell copies of it on my Etsy shop since it’s self published and print on demand. It makes me cringe when I read parts of it but it’s kind of my beginnings as an artist, so I keep it in my body of work that’s available to people.

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  4. Hello Kent.
    thanks for following. its always interesting to get into people’s minds, seeing all their uniqueness and passions poured out in type. its amazing… your blog speaks nothing less of this. // following right back.
    Stay blessed- keep inspiring.

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  5. Since my youth, I have enjoyed reading Science Fiction. Love the latest high-tech motion pictures with a sci-fi bent. Now that I’m retired, I have more time than ever to read and travel. Thanks for stopping by and following my journeys.

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  6. Hey Kent – thanks for the follow over at my blog. I’m splitting an extensive blog into two as I’ve notice that I stick pretty close to two very different topics. I look forward to reading your posts. I’m interested in your indi publishing. I’ve done the same with one short book. It was fun to write and publish but I’ve not done a thing with it since. Good luck!

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  7. Hello there Mr. Wayne (I feel like Alfred). I wanted to thank you for following my blog. I appreciate the support. I’m not sure if you’ve read any of my work, but please feel free to and leave feedback. I’ll be sure to do the same. We writers have to stick together after all lol.

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