Prologue: The Unbound Realm, Volume 1



Prologue for the Unbound Realm, Volume 1:  A Door into Evermoor

*The Unbound Realm, Volume 1 is a work in progress.  You will see the content in these pages change over time as I continue to edit each chapter.  Apologies if that’s annoying, but some have expressed interest in my writing process, and this is a rough way to show the change in flow as I draft and edit.  Right now (March 19, 2020) it is SUPER rough* 





“You think outside the box.”

“You’re wise beyond your years.”

“You’re an old soul.”

If you’re anything like me, people have told you that stuff a thousand times over, as if it were a consolation prize for not fitting in.  Apparently, being “special” somehow makes up for being a sad loner.

I have cookie-cutter parents, a cookie-cutter diploma, and a cookie-cutter acceptance letter from San Francisco State University.  People call me special because I’ve written a couple stories (they went nowhere; surprise surprise) and I occasionally make a profound observation.  Every so often I earn a compliment for being deep.

Ironically, my name is Jon Dough.  Yep—like what they call an unidentified body.  Real special, right?

I thought my life was mapped by need—that I was doomed to graduate and toil away in a neon-lit office.  I thought I would fade with the passing years, reminiscing wistfully about what could have been.

But then I entered a parallel dimension, complete with dragons, dog-warriors, and evil sorcerers.  Crazy, right?  A nameless kid from San Francisco, whisked away into an epic fantasy-world.  One day I’m fighting to stay awake in English 101, the next I’m fighting an arcane empire, ruled by a queen named Lyderea Fairdyle.  I met strange and wondrous people and creatures.  Rennarean Arteris, Arganti Knifelock, the Watchers of Erendor…I could go on, but you get the point.

It all started when I opened a door.  A door into Evermoor.