About the Author: Kent Wayne

Hello everybody, my name is Kent Wayne.  I’ve started getting requests for personal info so I thought I’d put up this author page.  I know it’s commonly practiced social media etiquette to post lots of pictures and stuff about personal life, but I tend to veer the other way—I like my privacy.  Sorry if that offends you; I’m not trying to be rude.

I spent ten years in the military.  I was never a sex-nuts strong, roided-out Bin-laden-wasting-stud, nor was I a fat, whiny, high-and-tight (it’s the stereotypical military haircut) wearing pencil-pusher that lived to yell at people about uniform and haircut regulations because he was bullied in high school and couldn’t get a date.  Within those two extremes, I fall somewhere in between.  I’m not going to specify what units or branches I was in.  That was a different person, and it doesn’t matter now—I’m out and done with that stuff.  While it definitely informs my writing, the chapter has closed on that part of my life.

I prefer not to be thanked for my service.  There’s plenty of great articles out there that can express why better than I ever could.

My view on the military, just to give you some insight on my perspective:  the military is a reflection of society.  Of humanity.  Within it, you can find behavior that is villainous, heroic, idiotic, and genius.  The full spectrum.  And just like life, one person can exhibit some of each.  Nobody is a badass 100% of the time.  Nobody is a piece of shit 100% of the time.  I find most portrayals of the military reductive in that it doesn’t recognize this basic fact:  the military is made up of humans, and they are subject to human nature.  When it becomes clear that “shitbags” can be amazing and “heroes” can be child molesters, then the folly of using a label to reduce somebody to hero, baby-killer, badass, or brainwashed is revealed to be shortsighted and childish.

This is everywhere, not just the military.  I’m resigned to the idea that humans love to reduce the complexity of life into an easy-to-get-riled about, simplistic viewpoint.  But I have seen it get better as I’ve gotten older, so I still have hope.  I think the internet—and the increased ease of sharing information—has a lot to do with that.

The great lesson I learned from the military:  Ideals are nice and soul-stirring, but people tend to get blinded by them.  It is the ability to perceive the minutely relevant changes from instance to instance, from circumstance to circumstance, that will carry you.  It is not comfortably reductive idealism, but all-inclusory awareness that will let you navigate not just life, but all of existence.

(Hops off the soapbox)  I know that’s a poor bio, but I hope that my obnoxiously grandiose statement reveals more about me than if I were to list a boring series of life events.  And I hope it wasn’t too pretentiously poetic.  As a character from one of my favorite authors says (about a bunch of mentally masturbatory goth vampire wannabes):  “Too much time on their hands.  Leads to poetry.”

(Just kidding.  I love poetry.  Some of it.  Maybe.)

Thanks for checking out my work!  To all you writers, I wish you inspired drafting and insightful editing!

Kent Wayne

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1,240 thoughts on “About the Author: Kent Wayne

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your About is very interesting–I really appreciated what you said about “labels”. We’re all (okay, most of us) multi-faceted–some days saints, some days not (which is why, on the days I’m not, I’m more reclusive than usual). I also like the line about why some of us write poetry–at 68 I don’t have excessive time on my hands, however writing poetry is like cooking for me–gotta do it 😉 Blessings to you!

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  2. I love you! I’m not supposed to say that when I first meet someone but….I know your words, almost like my own. They said there was no black and white, only dark and light green… That was the first lie. I washed out, or did I? I signed slips of paper, so they would type “Honorable” on the DD214. Silence. I must remain silent now. A girl’s got a family to protect. What do they know of honor.

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  3. Kent, I really liked your bio. I really really like that you didn’t puit pictures up because you are a private type of guy. For what its worth I don’t think in our me-me-me society there is enough spepration for creatives between what we do and who we are. I prefere to be judged on my work. So adefinite thumbs up to you for your bio from me

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  4. Your about really speaks to me, as I am unable to digest how media portrays the military, always in black and white. I see the world in greys, though some lighter others darker. And thanks for visiting my blog.

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  5. Sounds suspiciously like an Artilleryman bringing class and style to an otherwise unseemingly brawl. FA mostly Fire Support – thank Khufu I got to be a 13 Series each time I was overseas and I didn’t get forced to be a phony MP. So you stayed in ten years decided you weren’t actually insane and got out?

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  6. Your about is a good read. Also a ‘veteran,’ here. I hear ya. I feel like I’m across an empty break room leaning on the counter when you come through the door and we do that silent upward head nod greeting. ‘Sup?

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

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  7. Hello, sir. Saw you liking my reviews twice already and I’m very thankful for it as a new regular “wordpresser”. I don’t have much of an audience, and your bio is so inspiring to make me continue writing/blogging no matter if I have readers or not. In the first place, we write as a way to arrange our own chaos, is it not? While I do wish to read your works right away, I don’t have much time at hands. But surely I’ll add it to my read list as it delves about the world-building genre. Thank you very much once again ☺️

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  8. Really insightful bio. Thanks for your honesty. Its refreshing, really. A lot of your ideals remind of this short story we were analyzing in one of my classes last week: “Editha”. Not sure if you read it or not, but I’d think you’d appreciate the truth in it. Also, thanks for supporting my blog :).

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  9. I can’t believe all this time I thought I’ve been following you and it turns out I actually haven’t (I just thought you weren’t posting or something), how stupid of me. Thanks for liking my little pieces of writing over on my writing blog!

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