About the Author: Kent Wayne

Hello everybody, my name is Kent Wayne.  I’ve started getting requests for more personal info so I thought I’d put up this author page.  I know it is commonly practiced social media etiquette to have lots of pictures and access to personal life available, but I tend to veer the other way.  I like my privacy.  Sorry if that offends you.  I’m not trying to be rude.

I spent around ten years in the military.  I was never a sex-nuts strong, roided-out Bin-laden-wasting-stud, nor was I a fat, whiny, high-and-tight (it’s the stereotypical military haircut) wearing pencil-pusher that lived to yell at people about uniform and haircut regulations because he was bullied in high school and couldn’t get a date (sorry about the bluntness, that’s the military for you).  Within those two extremes, I fall somewhere in between.  I’m not going to get specific about units or what branch I was in.  That was a different person, and it doesn’t matter now anyways.  I’m out and done with that stuff.  While it definitely informs my writing, the chapter has closed on that part of my life.

I prefer not to be thanked for my service.  Plenty of great articles out there that can express why better than I ever could.

My view on the military, just to try and give you some insight on my perspective (without waxing overly long):  The military is a reflection of society.  Of humanity.  Within it, you can find behavior that is villainous, heroic, idiotic, and genius.  The full spectrum.  And just like life, one person can exhibit some of each.  That’s pretty much always the case, too.  Nobody is a badass 100% of the time.  Nobody is a piece of shit 100% of the time.  I find most portrayals of the military reductive in that it doesn’t recognize this basic fact:  The military is made up of humans, and they are subject to human nature.  When it becomes clear that shitbags can become amazing and heroes can become convicted of child molestation and end up as scum, then the folly of using a label to reduce somebody to hero, baby-killer, badass, or brainwashed becomes shortsighted and childish.

This is everywhere, not just the military.  I’m resigned to the idea that humans love to turn something into an easy-to-get-riled about, simplistic point of view.  But I have seen it get better as I get older, so I have hope.  I think the internet and the increased ease of sharing information has a lot to do with it.

The great lesson I learned from the military:  Ideals are nice and soul-stirring, but people tend to get blinded by them.  It is the ability to perceive the minutely relevant changes instance to instance, circumstance to circumstance, that will carry you.  It is not comfortably reductive idealism, but all-inclusory awareness that will let you navigate not just life, but all of existence.

(Hops off the soapbox)  I know that’s a poor bio, but I hope that through my obnoxiously grandiose statement you will find out more about me than if I were to list a chronological series of life events.  And I hope it wasn’t too pretentiously poetic.  As a character from one of my favorite authors said about a bunch of mentally masturbatory goth vampire wannabes:  “Too much time on their hands.  Leads to poetry.”  (Just kidding.  I love poetry.  Some of it.  Maybe.)

Thanks for checking out my works!  To all you writers, I wish you inspired drafting and insightful editing!

Kent Wayne

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662 thoughts on “About the Author: Kent Wayne

    • Thank You So Much for the plug Kris!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m excited for if/when you get around to reading 3…3 was always the story I envisioned writing, encapsulating the magic and tech and setting of Echo, rather than just some moderately badass dude moping around, haha!


  1. This series is AMAZING- it’s incredibly well put and I love that. I try to do that on atovertherock.wordpress.com too, on my episodes feature (thanks for the follow, by the way). Your writing is freaking amazing and putting out stories is a feature I enjoy putting forward and I’m glad that others are doing the same. It would be great to hear some feedback from you on my own writing, would be well appreciated as well :). Keep up the great work!

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  2. I would love to interview you for my Showcase Sunday Series, as you were recommended by Reed Buck. You can check it out on my blog and let me know if you are interested. I look forward to hearing from you!

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  3. That is an amazing bio page. Im feeling that even though i’m not a sci fi fan, i might have to buy your book, because i dont’ often read something so beautifully on the internet. Thanks for finding me.

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    • Thank You! So I know this isn’t being a good self-promoting author but I like to be upfront and honest about my books’ flaws: #1 is my first stumbling attempt at fiction, so it probably has a lot of flow mistakes you won’t find later on, #2 is a huge battle that happens in the span of one day, though it still has plenty of character/plot development, and #3 gets into some hippie dippie magical weirdness. Thank You for the kind words Jayne!!! 🙂 🙂


  4. Wasn’t sure which post to leave this on, and I don’t want to come across as rude or anything, I was just wondering if your theme supports drop-down / sub-menu’s? It’ll just make the header look a lot tidier; at the moment, the first time you click on your blog its like BAM LOTS OF PAGES.
    But anyway, thanks for the follow, I’ve followed back :3

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    • Yeah it’s definitely a concern…esp as I got more stuff I wanna put up there. I tried to figure it out a while ago but now I’m getting a web designer to pick a different theme that’s cleaner and supports wordads. He’s a bit swamped at the moment, so I’m waiting for him to get around to it. Sorry for the mess! 🙂


      • Oh no, don’t apologize! It’s not bad or anything, just a little overwhelming when you first take it in haha. Only wanted to offer a friendly opinion :3
        U have to pay him much? A Web designer sounds fancy 😮
        My blog took a LOT of time, a lot of googling, and some advice from a friend in animation/photography/graphic design haha

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      • Oh cool, that’s so lucky! Themes can be uber tricky; I’m so glad I like the way this one presents :3
        Good luck, I can’t wait to see it once it’s all sparkling and nice.

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    • Thank You Tommy!!! Fair warning: Echo 1 is my first attempt at fiction, so it’s got my noob mistakes, 2 takes place in the span of one day and is chock-full of pkew pkew (there’s necessary character development and thematic structure, but if action isn’t your thing, then 2 isn’t your thing) and 3 starts going into magical weirdness. Just like to be upfront and honest with what my stuff is. But thank you once again for the interest! 🙂


  5. We are all on an island surrounded by the same ocean. Some will never leave, afraid of the dangers. Some will try and will be eaten by sharks. Others will discover new worlds. You have many adventures ahead as you explore your inner being. Good luck in your quest.

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  6. Jacob Bronowski said, standing outside Auschwitz, in the final program of “The Ascent of Man” that one of the evils that beset humanity is dogma, the belief that I’m right, so you are wrong- akin to idealism as you say. Well said.

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  7. Fantastic introduction. Fully agree with your statement “The military is made up of humans, and they are subject to human nature.” True for other sections like Politicians, Cops, Actors, etc. as well. We humans just want to reduce others to a label to make it easier to process information.

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    • Indeed! I WANT someone who’s open about having made mistakes! I think our demand for impossible humans has greatly hampered the potential of politics. We force people to lie by default by pressuring them to be unreasonably perfect.


  8. Hi Kent
    It’s been great following your blog. Thanks so much for following mine.
    My website has moved and I’d love to keep you as a reader.
    Could you subscribe to my new mailing list at the following link:


    Hope to stay in touch,
    Anne Skyvington

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  9. Your explanation of the military was excellent, particularly paragraphs two and especially three. Societal buzzwords aimed toward only veterans of the last decade exclude the others who served. Based on the writing in your bio, I have to read at least some of your book now.

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    • Right now I’m in the middle of editing it; there’s a lot of “flow” mistakes I made that I was unaware of when I wrote it 2 years ago. I hope that if you choose to read it, then they don’t grate on your brain too much! Thank You! 🙂

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  10. Thanks for the follow! I loved your insights into military life and actually my current work in progress deals heavily with the military and specifically bootcamp/training. I’d love any opportunity to bounce questions your way or pick your brain about a few things. Definitely will be back on your site more to read more of your work.

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  11. Excellent Bio! Two things that will stick with me: 1. lol at the poetry comment! 2. What you learned in the military about ideals- great food for thought. Love the new cover will have to check out the book!
    And thanks for the follow, my blog was born just the other day lol

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  12. Hey, Kent. Thanks for the follow–my first haha. I have to say, you really managed to resonate with me with this: “Ideals are nice and soul-stirring, but people tend to get blinded by them. It is the ability to perceive the minutely relevant changes instance to instance, circumstance to circumstance, that will carry you. It is not comfortably reductive idealism, but all-inclusory awareness that will let you navigate not just life, but all of existence.” It’s hard to make such a sentiment not “pretentiously poetic,” as you say, but you do. Nice philosophy–I will gladly check out your work later. 🙂

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