Other Authors

  • Erik Pihel, writer and owner of Palamedes Publishing.  Check out his awesome poetry collection on New York—we’re talking the REAL New York—here:  Manhattan, and his new take on “Responsive Books” here:  Responsive books.  Are you an author?  Are you sick of the mountain of formatting it takes to publish an ebook?  Try his ebook formatter here:  eBookMaker.
  • Carlos Hiraldo.  Poet and fellow Palamedes author.  Check out his work here:  Macchu Picchu Me.
  • Bobby V. Adkisson-Check out Bobby’s wordpress!   His writing is tight, he knows when to let the reader draw their own links and do their own leaps; he respects his audience.  It’s obvious that he takes his editing seriously!  Give him a look-see!  He’s got a book coming out soon-Winter’s Bite.  But for now, check out his awesome writing!  Click here:  Creatica Bardling.
  • Opher’s World:  A prolific author that is steeped in counterculture thinking.  Also has a super cool pic of him painted like a psychedelic skeleton on his home page.  Click here: Opher’s World
  • Meg Sorick-Drmegsorick.com   Awesome writer, very supportive, super optimistic, and just an all-around great wordsmith!  Please check out her site and writings!  We seriously need more people like her who look on the positive side of things and provide a healthy balance to the negative extremist crazies!
  • Deon Mumple is unabashedly honest about his desire for people to check out his work.  Gotta respect honesty.  Check out his website here:  Deon Mumple’s site
  • Matt Hurlburt, a fan of Sci Fi, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, and Westerns: Freeverseinkind
  • F.T. McKinstry:  Writer of Fantasy and observer of Deepness:  F. T. Mckinstry.com
  • Kade Cook, author of “Covenant of Shadows:  Grey”  Check her brilliance out on her FB: Covenant of Shadows or her twitter:  Covenant of Shadows on Twitter!!!
  • Jasmine S:  Very awesome author who wrote A State of Gray!
  • Mahbuttitches at Mahbuttitches17.wordpress.com.  Purveyor of all things deep through the time-honored tradition of Butt.
  • Kris maintains a great blog where her love of all thing literary shines through.  (I also love her subtitle:  “We will tesselate”)  Click here to check it out:  Around the Korner
  • Hawk and Young:  Two writer-adventurers in search of writing and adventurer!  Check out their site here:  Hawk and Young.
  • Mason Engel:  Brilliant author of “2084” with great writing advice!  Check out his site here:  MasonEngel.com
  • Michael Short, sci-fi author:  https://sciencefictionauthormshort.blog/

31 thoughts on “Other Authors

  1. Thanks mate for liking my blog, just been looking at your other comments and wow! Having someone like yourself helping and promoting other authors is a breath of fresh air. By the way love the artwork of your books, fan-bloody-tastic!

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  2. Impressed! I’m following in your footsteps and trying sci fi. Will post and will read your work carefully. Love the mixture, the brew that you have come up with.

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      • Cool, two things, writers need to talk about their writing , and i know there’s a lot of energy in your work, and that’s important…I’ve been through the process of executing a project so i know what doubts and irritations are like in getting over yourself and doing the fricking job. so kudos dude. Will touch base in the next few days, re sci fi writing.

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  3. So I Googled myself and you know what happens when people do that… and there I saw your honorable mention, how about that! Thank you! I didn’t recall seeing it before, but then I am very inattentive sometimes, and the rest of the time I’m distracted.

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  4. Thank you for following my blog! I love your writing – especially the post from today – and you have great advice looking at the comments. I will follow and hope to learn a lot!

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  5. I truly appreciate the follow. I’m still cutting my teeth on wordcraft, so I hope I meet your expectations, I’ll definately read through your content, you seem to know what you’re doing.

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  6. Awesome that you have a list like this here!!
    I’m checking out a bunch of the links – just thought I’d let you know that one or two need updating / don’t work. Faecomics doesn’t work for example, and… I think at least one other didn’t either…

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  7. I do appreciate the many likes you’ve given to the stories in my fiction folder, even though the only truly sci-fi I’ve ever written was “The Life of Pedicue.” Many thanks! From, As I Lay Living.

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