I’m on a Podcast!

The title of my podcast is Strained Brains!  If you want to get INSPIRED AS PHUCK, then check out episodes 2 & 3, where I interview Tee.  Tee grew up in third world Vietnam, endured abusive family relationships, avoided an arranged marriage, worked in sweatshop conditions, and started a successful business in the U.S. WHILE SHE WAS A SINGLE MOM!  (motivates me and also makes feel lazy as hell, haha!)

Here’s the link for iTunes:  Strained Brains on iTunes

Here it is on Stitcher:  Strained Brains on Stitcher

Here it is on Spotify:  Strained Brains on Spotify

Here it is on Google Play:  Strained Brains on Google Play

And here’s the show description:

Are you a genius? Neither are we! Listen to Dr. Free Monk and Kent Wayne strain their brains as they discuss anything and everything under the sun. Life in the military, psychedelics, being an indie author, functional medicine…nothing is off limits!

Dr. Free Monk is a 20-year military vet, 2nd year grad school student, and has a recurring dream on realizing the sacredness of his foolishness.

Kent Wayne has spent his entire life as a hyper-aggressive nerd. When he was eighteen he joined the military, became even nerdier and even more aggressive, and now uses his nerdy aggression to write science fiction books about giant robots.