Musings, the books

I plan to publish at least four collected editions of Musings, 350 musings apiece.  A lot of them reiterate the same message, but due to the fact that my writing style continually evolves, I’ve decided to publish them all in chronological order.  A small twist of wording might provide a different insight, or another way of viewing the world.  Apologies if these happen to be repetitive or not very polished; they started out as blog posts.  In the editing process I tried to strike a delicate balance between polishing them up, while still hewing to their “original spirit.”  That means that I didn’t edit these as much as usual (if you didn’t already know, I am HUGE on editing; Echo 4 started as 335,000+ words, and I chopped it down to approximately 135,000 over 23 revisions) in an effort to maintain whatever impact they might possess.

Here’s Musings, Volume 1:  Musings, Volume 1


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