Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha is the website for me:  author Kent Wayne.  The site name comes from the subject material in my writing.

Three works are featured.  The first one is Echo, a science fiction dystopia where a disillusioned warrior pushes his craft to its bloody limits, then attempts to break through into a realm of world-bending mastery.  I’ve posted some free sample chapters, click here to start reading.

To buy Echo Volume 1:  Approaching Shatter on Amazon click here:  Buy Echo

The second book is a high school adventure, full of profanity, psychedelics, and interdimensional shenanigans.  Here’s the link for the book on Amazon:  Kor’Thank:  Barbarian Valley Girl.   Sample chapters are available here:  Sample Chapters for Kor’Thank:  Barbarian Valley Girl

I’m working on a YA fantasy called the Unbound Realm.  It details the adventures of a jaded young man from Earth who stumbles into an epic fantasy world.  Here are some sample chapters:  Sample Chapters for the Unbound Realm.

Thanks for your interest!  If you’re a writer, I wish you inspired drafting and insightful editing!  Best way to reach me is by DMing me on Facebook.  However, I have noticed some DMs getting filtered out by Facebook messenger, so if I don’t respond, just comment on my wall.  I’ll take it down, DM you, and address your concerns.  Sorry to all those who never got a response; I wasn’t trying to be rude!  🙂

Kent Wayne

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  1. First, thank you for all the likes. 🙂
    Second, I read your post here and I think you seem like a nice and honest person. 🙂 I also hope it goes well for you with your books on Amazone. I haven’t finished editing my story, so I cannot publish it yet. But I hope to do it soon-ish. 🙂 I assume you self-published?

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  2. Thank you for your visit to my site – I self-publish, though not with any degree of dedication. It just seems a shame if I’ve written the damn thing not to bind it up nice and tidily – but I’m far too slow! Very good luck with your books.

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  3. I realize you’ve been on my blog a few times – thank you so much for stopping by. Bought Echo Volume 1 for my Kindle – I’m really looking forward to reading it. Take care and keeping writing through these crazy times!

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  4. Hi Kent, I recently finished the 4th volume of echo. great effort. Hope we get more of such great books in the future.
    The action is great and the Atriya’s journey of self discovery is a great roller coaster. I have a hunch that the name Kishchan was based on Hindu god Krishna. However Atriya’s journey resembles more of Arjuna’s when he moved from Self doubt to realisation that he needs to do what needs to be done.
    I will now be moving on to your other books.

    Thanks for commenting regularly on my blog. You are one of my few regular readers 🙂

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    • Thanks! It was actually a distorted version of “Christian,” which was an on-the-nose jab at the idea that someone need not drag themselves through a vast pit of suffering and sacrifice (which he realizes in the end) to touch upon happiness, but ironically, he does that anyway. Which is why I distorted the name, but just a bit. Honestly, my brain hurts thinking about it. The thematic stuff is the first thing I figure out, and then as I keep writing, I forget all about it and forget how I justified it, LOL!


  5. Kent – this idea sounds so interesting! I’ve tried to include some Eastern and Buddhist philosophies into some of my writings, although I always worry that it feels a bit clunky and forced. I’m excited to read some of your work so thank-you for sharing the free samples as a little taster!

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  6. This felt like a breath of fresh air. It’s so rare to find a synopsis that makes one go — “Huh. That’s different!” — and you certainly did that for me, haha. It’s also a little difficult to toe the line when it comes to Buddhist philosophy mixed with fiction, in my experience.

    Followed, because I can’t wait to read more about your methods and progress 🙂 I wish you lots of luck!

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  7. Thank you for visiting my book review blog and liking a post, you’re my first visitor as I only set it up a few days ago.
    It’s great that you self publish book, hope it goes well for you.
    Will definitely follow your progress.
    Thanks again.

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  8. Hi Kent – I’ve just scrolled to the bottom of this list of comments and realised there’s this whole community thing going on. Thanks for visiting my brand new blog as soon as I launched it! I’ve actually created it for a college assignment, just to learn the basics of creating a simple website, and have no idea if I’ll keep it going beyond the month required for the assignment. Apart from the process of learning how to use WordPress, which has been sort of fun, sort of harrowing, I am fascinated at this whole world of bloggers I only vaguely knew about. When I get rid of some of the assignment load, I’ll read some of your writing. Your energy is admirable.

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  9. Thank you for liking the posts on my blog. I wish you the best of luck with your self-published work. I have self-published several novels and collections of short stories, so I understand the process you are going through with your work. It is important to market your blog and your books daily, as you seem to be doing, and if you continue to do that you can count on increased success over time.

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  10. From the image and your brief description (though I’m a little outside the YA age bracket now!) here I already want to learn more about this jaded young man and the world you’re creating.

    As an aspiring writer I thank you for the encouragement. I have always written poetry, stories, and music, but I made the decision earlier this year to work hard to consolidate my poems, finish my books, get the music recorded and have them published somehow, and available for people to find. It’s a long road but I take steps to get closer each day.

    I pray you will continue what looks like magnificent progress, and keep having fun, in amongst the necessary frustrations, to keep creating. 🙂

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    • Thanks! In my opinion, it’s mostly editing–if you have the patience to edit, you can eventually hone a manuscript to a readable, entertaining level. Personally, I have never had a readable first draft.


  11. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I’m glad youliked my “Beside still waters” as to self-publishing, so far I have only created one eBook. I do enjoy SciFi as Igrew up with the black & white Dr Who

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  12. Thanks for liking my blog post about my book. I may check out some of your books. Have you had any free ebook giveaways on amazon yet? I like Science Fiction but I have not had time to read recently. I used a free ebook giveaway for my book and it was very effective at improving the number of downloads. I went from rock bottom to #1 of Political Freedom in the Amazon rankings.

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  13. Hello my friend! Thank you so much for liking my blog posts. I really appreciate your time and kindness – it means a lot to me. I hope you are staying well, safe, and happy. Best regards and thanks again!!!

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  15. I can’t find where to “Like” individual posts (I hardly use WordPress – just go in as a storehouse for my writing) so apologies I’m unable to show my appreciation for some of your individual posts and I’m writing here of my thanks for liking a couple of new stories I posted. Your site rocks!

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  16. I have an Important question about one of my stories. This story is a novel about a princess who is in conflict with her aunt over the deaths of the girl’s parents. It takes place in another universe during the girl’s world’s medieval era. She is on the run. She is eight years old at the beginning of the novel. the novel also includes a boy from our universe. He is eight as well at the beginning of the novel. the novel ends when they are grown up, marry, then die from old age. How ever when he dies he ends up back in his universe still eight. So far, I have over 100,000 words. I don’t know the exact amount as I have other parts of the novel written down, separately. My question is this: should I cut it off at a certain point in the story and see if I can get it published or should I continue writing it to the end first. Your opinion would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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  17. I don’t know. I have the book Reamde. I read that the book was over 300000 words. I had no problem reading it. Next, question is: I have 50 men and two wagons. I was wondering if I should increase the two. The wagons considering what they bring with them.


  18. Can I download your stories on another tablet other than the kindle? My kindle is in the pawn shop to help a friend. She is talking about letting it go for an updated tablet.

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  19. Hey, thank you for liking my site! Your bio is awesome, by the way, there’s no need for traditional formalities. Who cares what others think or perceive of military service and it’s people, it’s still the greatest calling going. No matter what we do, someone will always have an opinion. One’s badass is another’s fool.

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  20. Hey, firstly sorry it took so long to reach out to your blog…I only just realised I could. Secondly thank you for all the likes, you’re the most consistent visitor of my blog (even better then my family…who have never read my blog). Anyways thwbk you fir the support and looking through your blog I’m inspired since I also want to publish my own books. I’m going to do my best to catch up to you.

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