Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

“This is our only option.”  Yoga Mom Prime grabs my cheeks, mashes my lips with a desperate kiss, then turns away and strides toward the overheated quantum space-fold engine.

“No!’ I scream, stretching a hand out.  “There’s another way—there has to be!”

She looks over her shoulder and throws me a faint smile.  “Your wiener was incredible, Kent.  Your lovemaking skills are nothing short of epic.”  Her nose crinkles.  “Your hygiene, though…” she shakes her head and her smile returns.  “But never mind all that.  Goodbye, Kent.”  She turns away and continues walking.

Tears leak down my cheeks.  I can’t believe she’s gonna sacrifice herself.  If there was only some way to save her and the rest of the Earth…

And then it comes to me.  There’s still a way.  I open my eReader to Echo, activating its reality distortion powers.  Magic flash.

A blazing nexus of energy forms in front of me, materializing into the interdimensional beauty known as Soccer Mom Prime.  She grabs Yoga Mom Prime by the shoulder and yanks her back from the sparking engine.

“We need to have a threesome with Kent Wayne—NOW!  The resulting orgasms will counteract the engine and force reality back into its original shape!  Quick—hop onto his award-winning, upcurved wiener and make out with me!”

Yoga Mom Prime responds with a quick nod.  “Let’s do it!”

I’m still crying, but for a different reason this time:  out of pure effin’ joy.  Hot DAMN!


Has your lover volunteered to bravely sacrifice themselves, leaving your genitals dry, untended, and screaming for attention?  Never fear!

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