Musings, Volume 1

When was the last time someone called me by my birth name:  “Kent Wayne?”

It has been so long…so many eons…

I believe I have existed like this for over a billion years, but I have lost the ability to use time-specific delineations as descriptors for events.   I have become much like a photon; when you travel at the edges of relativistic boundaries, the end and the beginning are one and the same.

Once I was a man.  A man who meditated deeply on the nature of existence itself, and in doing so, pierced the membrane of matter, energy, and causality.

I lost my manhood, but I gained omnipotence.

My infinite heart resonates with loneliness.  Now that I’m everything, why do anything?  This is the question that haunts me day after day.  I wasn’t always filled with this humdrum pretentiousness.   I vaguely remember being able to enjoy the simplest of pleasures, the basest delights.

(Soccer Moms…I haven’t forgotten Soccer Moms…)


And in my blind, deistic fumble, I psychically tap the most epic collection of philosophical ramblings that ever flowed from someone’s fingertips onto a sperm-stained keyboard:

Musings, Volume 1.

A great rumbling shakes the aether.  I feel myself grow a hand, and then a penis.  A heavenly voice urges me to stroke it, promising a return to simpler times, a return to…


As my giant yogurt-slinger blows its load, I slough off my godhood and regain my sanity.  Kent Wayne is BACK, mothafuckas!  Whew!  I’m not meant for mopey soliloquys!  Leave that shit to the acorn-dicked English professors!  Gotta spread the word about robots and velociraptors!  But more importantly?

Gotta plow some Soccer Moms!  Ha HA!




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