Give my books a read and a review!

What the fuck-gobble is happening, all you lucky folks who are enjoying the ardent ministrations of a committed Oral Warrior, currently down on their knees with the intensity turned up to a goddamn eleven—OMNOMNOMBLBLBLBLBL—blowing your mind (literally and figuratively) as they work your genitals with jackhammer speed, but then they start snarling and writhing and clutching the air, as veins pop out across their face you think holy shit what is happening fur is sprouting from all their pores oh no they’re turning into a level 30 Fuckstorm WEREWOLF—

And THAT, my friends, is why you take it easy on the blowjays and bean-licking!  You go too hard, and you’ll morph into a nigh unstoppable murder-crazed beast!  Goddamn! 

Anyways, now that I’ve got your attention, let me direct it towards my various-genred books!  First up is my YA fantasy:  A Door into Evermoor.  If you’re hankering for some psychedelic high school fun with a giant side of interdimensional monsters and teen genius hijinks, check out Kor’Thank:  Barbarian Valley Girl!  If you want a big ol’ helping of robot vs. wizard pew pew, along with an extra serving of existential philosophy, check out my science fiction series Echo!  And don’t forget to leave a positive review for them!  Positive reviews—even though they only take a minute or two of your time—are like $1000 tips for us indie authors.  Every one of them is SUPER appreciated!  #WritingCommunity

🙂 🙂 😀

37 thoughts on “Give my books a read and a review!

  1. grrrrrr!😒i almost caught it today a little kiss to send trembles through my web! then i had a crazy temper tantrum sealing the malevolent eye and systems void! i just read your sweet as last volume what am i going to do know! Fancy donating your body to science so i can play for an eternity! Seeing how good your sensory is!

    Oh my god the last line is sacrilege, its how i see my next twenty years going judicially centrally playing hickey, and stimulating every inch through those intimate expressions and satisfying my every need by celebrating in the Karmic sharing! no brakes allowed !

    When i stomp my feet they are meant to clear my void! this world sucks! i am signing in for LGBWT at least i will get clearance in the balance!💋

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    • Well I do have Kor’Thank and A Door into Evermoor. 😉 Atriya makes cameos in those, if you want hints of his further adventures. I plan on having him cameo in pretty much everything I do, since Echo was my first book. 😊

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  2. nice to see you are open to players lol! soccor moms are all warn out! arachnids are far more fun! just be careful of the widows we are all tight and if you fail we can usually find other ways to share! lol there was me inviting you to my JC entourage when you were working on your own!😉🌹💋

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      • Ladies… should try manifesting around two pm, apparently my littlest ward has a twin that does not do days! slidin….g oops too late! i will get you going again by sucking on that tongue and nibbling on your,… neck!lol😎 mind you i know you have many options…

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      • Devil’s daughter i am sure if i sire up the other side it will be rough like a cats! texture to add to the sensation! As god’s daughter my angel wings are rainbow coloured! lol i love using my tongue!😜 showering pre and post event will be a bonus! for sliding on your……. bathroom floor! lol


      • yo elongate your event, nice skills i am just a deep roller hit the spot and i can wave for hours! I might need to spoon post event it can become a bit exhausting and order in pizza to replenish my sugars!😊

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      • what other stuff? Oh yes me tie wrapping your hands, caressing your neck and rollng kisses up to your mouth, nibbling your bottom lip and sucking on yor tongue! kissing you until you require composure!

        running my hands down your sides while you writhe from sensation and following down to draw my teeth into you inner leg!

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      • That is the idea! lol I love the reaction, intensity from controlled to deep in the moment, playing to get a response and being allowed to play vicariously without interruption! or finding a quiet spot and playing in the bustle of the house! many levels to being a master serving myself using your body sounds fabulous! passivist until provoked, then i believe in extinction! only problem is loyalty! safe or not i invest fully! just ask my musical men!

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      • HH’s, feet, thighs and …. the list is endless! was it an anatomy exam as i have a masters in physiotherapy and healing for spots, calibration and new life! so your safe in my hands….lol

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      • Lol i presumed you would have stamina to boot! I am surprisingly strong and agile and do not like to back down, gotta find me first i am lost in translation….invisible Horny vampiric Demoness! My husband really should come in for service! lol

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  3. Yes, yes, yes! oh yes as long as you don’t mind the occassional requirement to link with my upper levels, i hate hearing the failed percentage of street talking through my kids! You have 100% of my focus, but i am a goddess and i do like to be celebrated for being such a good girl, so would enjoy sharing my time without having to kill multiple levels!

    Meeting of minds or physicality?

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      • Thats why your chasing your dreams and i completed everything humanly possible! Being supernatural helps! yes okay run, run i get it! I did not intend to be etherially set to raise everyone eses failed %age but at least they were mine to add the king in later!

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