Give my books a read and a review!

What the cock-bump is happening, all you caveman meat-slingers who’re soaping happily away in the shower, singing horrifically along to your favorite nineties soft rock, when suddenly you notice an out-of-place bump on your otherwise pristine wiener, the world hazes, you begin hyperventilating, you make a dozen unintelligible calls to some Googlable doctors screaming, “For the sake of all that’s good and holy, HELP ME GODDAMMIT!” before hanging up and dousing your piece in all manner of caustic solutions, as it burns like hell and tears of pain leak from your eyes, you ready a syringe filled with bleach and acid, grunt maniacally through your belt-clenching teeth—HHHH!  HHHH!—so you can work up the nerve to stab it with flesh-eating chemic—

IT’S A FUCKING RAZOR BUMP!  Jesus, man, take a picture of it and wait a few days!  Quit trying to destroy it with katanas, bazookas, and the Death Star superlaser!

Anyways, now that I’ve got your attention, let me direct it towards my various-genred books!  First up is my YA fantasy:  A Door into Evermoor.  If you’re hankering for some psychedelic high school fun with a giant side of interdimensional monsters and teen genius hijinks, check out Kor’Thank:  Barbarian Valley Girl!  If you want a big ol’ helping of robot vs. wizard pew pew, along with an extra serving of existential philosophy, check out my science fiction series Echo!  And don’t forget to leave a positive review for them!  Positive reviews—even though they only take a minute or two of your time—are like $1000 tips for us indie authors.  Every one of them is SUPER appreciated!  #Kindle #KindleUnlimited #writingcommunity #writer #booktok #writerscommunity #writing

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7 thoughts on “Give my books a read and a review!

  1. ⭒Thanks for your interest in my blog posts and I have to compliment you on your musings as I’ve been thoroughly enjoying reading through your posts this morning. Intellectually stimulating & satirical which means that I hope you keep up the good written works!! 😊👀

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