Give my books a read and a review!

What the stomach bulge is happening, all you upcurved cock-monsters who grin in pride as a little curve appears in your partner’s belly with each slappa-slap thrust, but then they see it and scream what the hell, stab you up the pooper with a multi-headed robo-dildo that rails away with blinding ruthlessness, bulges appear all across your belly with machine-gun speed, holy shit they look like xenomorph chest-bursters trying to pop out, you’ve been turned into a human version of gut-shlorping whack-a-mole, now you’re screaming MY ORGAAAANS at the top of your fucking lungs—

And THAT, my friends, is why you don’t say shit about your stomach-bulging upcurve! Turnabout is NOT fair play!

Anyways, now that I’ve got your attention, let me direct it towards my various-genred books!  First up is my YA fantasy:  A Door into Evermoor.  If you’re hankering for some psychedelic high school fun with a giant side of interdimensional monsters and teen genius hijinks, check out Kor’Thank:  Barbarian Valley Girl!  If you want a big ol’ helping of robot vs. wizard pew pew, along with an extra serving of existential philosophy, check out my science fiction series Echo!  And don’t forget to leave a positive review for them!  Positive reviews—even though they only take a minute or two of your time—are like $1000 tips for us indie authors.  Every one of them is SUPER appreciated!  #Kindle #KindleUnlimited #writingcommunity #writer #booktok #writerscommunity #writing

🙂 🙂 😀

10 thoughts on “Give my books a read and a review!

  1. You been waking up on th wrong side of LGB(WTF) 😂 i did noot know strap ons were your thing as a choir boy you really need to find a better guage of swamp b4 you fall in the masters realm as a b.i.t.c.h’s,…. Body in time closet hiding submissive!👴🏻 🖕🏼 💦 🤔 always you! lol

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