Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

Taylor Swift fixes me with a meaningful stare.

“Do you understand what it’s like to be me, Kent?  Adored by billions, the entire world at my disposal, constantly surrounded by an army of yes-people?  It makes you a little…wonky.”  Her smile widens.  “Has anyone told you you have beautiful ears?  This one looks just like a vagina.”  From her seat beside me she toys with my lobe, smiling bemusedly as she looks me up and down.  “There’s a lot of stuff I could fit in here…”

“Uh…”  I grimace nervously and fiddle with my bow-tie (the only thing she’s let me keep on besides my Batman-symboled speedos) “You just paid me to dance for you.  If you wanna do anything extra, it’s gonna—”


For a brief, jarring moment I see nothing but stars.  Then I come to a second later.  She’s standing over me, arms jacked out to either side like a pop-goddess version of Weapon X.  SHINK!  Cyber-dildos shoot out from camouflaged ports on her forearms, equipping both of her hands with a big ol’ helping o’ Powered-up Penis.

“EVERYONE loves my new album!” she snarls.  (I gotta admit—I’m one of them).  “The world bows to me, Kent!  And so will your holes!  Open wide, motherfucker—and you can be DAMN sure I’m not talking about your mouth!”

“EEEE!”  In the midst of my terror, my voice reverts to a grating, wince-inducing bitch-squeal.  “EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!”

And then I remember I have one option left.  I open my eReader to Echo, activating its reality distortion powers.  Magic flash.

Soccer Mom Prime crashes through the penthouse window, collapsing into an action-hero roll and flowing to her feet.  She Kung-Fu’s the shit out of Taylor–Neo-vs-Agent-Smith-style–and looms over me as the pop goddess princess goes stumbling back onto her butt.

“Stand down, bitch,” SMP states with dry authority.  “Kent prefers MILFS—everyone knows that.  And that preference extends to his dirtiest holes.”

Then she throws me over her shoulder like a sack a’ potatoes and runs toward the fiftieth story window.  I can’t help it—I start screaming again.


Then she dives into the night, spread-eagling her limbs for a heart-stopping instant before she reaches to her waist, withdraws a decelerant-line grapnel from her utility belt, and—POOM—launches its Van Der Waals-enhanced hook in a crisp puff of gas.  We go swinging off toward the horizon.

“Gonna use you like cheap Betty Crocker Mix,” she informs me calmly.  “Hope you’ve been carbing up, Man Whore.”

I close my eyes and whisper a thanks under my breath.  Use me up, Soccer Mom Prime!




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