If there’s an omnipotent, unconditionally loving approximation of [God] that comprises all of existence, then the ultimate act of faith would be to not care one way or another if [It] exists, because [It] loves you no matter what, and you are, in fact, inseparably [It].  Constantly trying to negate or affirm [Its] existence would imply that [It] requires existential confirmation from an outside source, further implying that [It] isn’t all-pervasive, and that [It] isn’t omnipotent, because [It] needs a champion or evangelist.

So if [It] exists, we don’t need to worry about [Its] welfare, or force our view of [It] on “others.”  If you simply solve the problems [You] have placed before you and do your best to be good to “others,” then you have fully honored [Its] existence, without even having to put a name on [It], construct a ritual around [It], fight a war for [It], or even BELIEVE in [It].

Musings, Volume 1, available on Amazon Kindle:  Musings, Volume 1

16 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I care that my children know I exist. My existence isn’t based on their awareness of my existence, but as their mother, I want them to know I exist so that they can know of my love for them. And, in being aware of who I am, they will tend to listen to my guidance since I only want was is best for them. It is not an egotistical matter that I want them to know me, but rather, it is caused from my love for them. And, because I love them so completely, their love for me, in turn, fills me with joy. In the same way, God is our Father. I enjoy telling others about our Father (not forcing it upon them, but showing by example, and writing poems about Him) because I know that if they knew Him, they’d be filled with the same inner-peace in which I am filled, despite outside circumstances. Besides, I cannot help, but to spread His Word, because it is my core value and strength, much the same way others spread their values, interests, and core selves through their living examples, writings, artistry, voice, ETC. I never force anyone to conform to my beliefs, read my poetry, or follow my examples. But, when people ask me the reason for my consuming hope, joy, and strength, I tell them the reason. It is because of Jesus’ Love for me, and all He gives to me, and my family, and those who I keep in prayer. Thank you for your time in reading this.

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  2. I’m content that there is God. God knows about me, I know about God.
    In the meantime there is so much to learn about the Whole of Creation. We’re children and we have a long way to learn but as long as we discover God is pleased with us.
    It’s when we (As a Race) get to make damn fools of ourselves, over and over again…now there’s the problem.

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  3. Thank you for accepting my comment even though it was of a different opinion than yours. I appreciate it. Sometimes people get angry when our opinions are different than theirs. It was kind of you to not only post my comment, but also not to get angry. It wouldn’t have changed my opinion, but it is still refreshing to see. Hugs!

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  4. Differences should unify us as acceptance builds a stronger community. When there’s ill feelings about differences of opinion, one should consider the intent of the other person.
    I’m in such agreement with what you said here. I’ve nothing to prove, not even the God I believe in. I’ll share who He is, because He’s positively impacted my life and He’ll do the rest.

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    • Indeed! I suspect something like God exists, but even if it doesn’t, I will use my actions and conduct to honor the idea that it might, and simply because I find it a practical way to be. Whether God exists or not, I’m covered. 🙂


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