Get yer copy of Echo!

What’s going on, my fellow specks of matter who are blessed with the knowledge that we will almost assuredly die before witnessing the Earth’s consumption by a red giant sun, or the hellacious collision of the Andromeda and the Milky Way galaxies coming together like two giant testicles of death:  this is just an afternoon reminder to grab yerselves a copy of Echo!  Screw all that cosmological doomsaying, and plunge into a world where the doomsaying is WAY sexier!  On Echo, death doesn’t come from some boring, math-constricted fate where the starkness of your insignificance picks at  your very sanity; no, it comes from hairy rowr-beasts, cyborgian super-soldiers, and beautiful future wizards that have access to a Semiotic Arsenal filled with psychic armaments!  Also, if you’ve read any of my work, please remember to leave a positive review for it on Amazon.  It only takes a minute of your time, and you don’t need to have made a “verified purchase” in order to do it; you only need an Amazon account (in case you read my stuff through Kindle Unlimited or other means).  To give you an idea of how much positive Amazon reviews mean to us indie authors, imagine this:  you walk past a park and observe a bunch of puppies that are gnawing, wrasslin’, or snoozing.  Perfection, right?  Suddenly, a Douche-bro walks in from the opposite direction and gives one of the puppies the finger.  He proceeds to shout rudely at it, ACTUALLY CAUSING IT TO CRY.  A single, dignified tear would slip from that fuzzball’s eye and moisten his whiskers…but then a terrible fire would light in his pupils.  His skin would ripple and bulge, and suddenly, instead of a puppy, you’d find yourself staring at a fire-snorting T-rex, now coated in an onyx suit of Sauron-style armor.  The beast would lunge forward and rend the pathetic Douche-bro limb from limb, cauterizing the wounds with its Ragnarok breath and trumpeting its glory as this Jersery Shore dickface madly begged for his life with cliched pleas such as:  “Don’t eat me Bro!”  See, that rush of utter ecstasy you’d feel upon watching a wronged Fuzzy transform into a gigantic death machine (deserving of some badass name like Tyrannus or Skull Face or Metal Rage)…that’s EXACTLY what we indie authors feel when we get a positive review on Amazon!  So do your favorite indie author (and perennial Man Child) a porterhouse-sized favor and leave him a positive review on the ’Zons!  Thank you all and have a Good and Chill Night!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Get Echo Vol. 1 on Kindle here:  Vol. 1 on Kindle.  Vol. 2 on Kindle here:  Vol.2 on Kindle  Vol. 3 on Kindle here:  Vol. 3 on Kindle  #kindle #kindleunlimited #sciencefiction #scifi #books #novel #book


7 thoughts on “Get yer copy of Echo!

  1. Question for you, as someone who has gone before! 🙂 I’m getting ready to put the first volume of Einarr up on Amazon. Any tips for the sort of content to add so that I don’t run afoul of the KUL exclusivity clause?

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