I think The Ones Who Know would tell us to have fun with Not Knowing (or the unceasing quest to discover the undiscoverable; you can phrase it however you wish), for if we are indeed components of some all-powerful thing, then it only makes sense that the all-powerful thing limited itself to individual components so that it could enjoy experiencing itself from a limited perspective. Β 


11 thoughts on “Musings

  1. This is the reason I keep telling people that god (or whatever is out there which is the force behind everything) is always with me because I truly believe that there is a shard of it in all of us and everything around us. It is like everything is one big living creature that can spread and break itself down to all components so it can learn as many things, experiences, and perspective and possible. I have some ideas but it will take a large chunk of the comment page so I will pass for now.

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    • I also believe there’s something like that…some overarching force or thing…but recently, I’ve decided that even if there isn’t, it doesn’t really change things for me. I’ll strive to live in the moment, be nice to others, and live a fulfilling life. I think that’s how I’m supposed to act if there IS some super benevolent force out there anyways, lol!

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      • Same here. I heard something a while back, few years ago. Not sure where though and it is somewhat of a cliche’ but it was something along the lines of “The universe is vast and big, and we are so small. The only real choice we have is whether we are good or not.” It is somewhat silly and is probably from some Star Trek episode or some book about a dude who sold his Ferrari… But I liked it. So I am trying to be good not because I will get to heaven or have all I want at the end, but because I think it is important that we all just treat others nice. Eventually it will catch up and we will have good times on our little rock. πŸ˜€

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      • Well, I think one of the profoundest realizations I’ve had is that great profundity can come from evil people or “cheap” sources, so whether it came from an obscure book or a Star Trek episode or the Dalai Lama…doesn’t matter to me! πŸ˜€

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