Yet another weird ad for my novels

“Wake up, Kent!  We’re going on patrol!”

“Huh?”  I squint at Cyclops, blink sleepily, then turn away and pull my blanket to my cheek.  “Fuck off, Scott.  I don’t have powers—I’m not on the team.”

“You are today!  Cerebro says you’re about to manifest!  And watch your language!”  He slings me over his shoulder and tromps out of the bedroom.  “Logan!  Jean!  To the Blackbird!

Ten minutes later, we’re flying through the air.  Everyone’s dressed in skin-tight sexiness, but I’m still in a t-shirt and underwear, ringed with tufts of unkempt pubes.

“What the fuck,” I grumble.  “This is absolute horseshit.”

“Language!” Cyclops barks. 

I respond with a scoff.  “Jesus Christ—you need to eat shrooms, or at least try some nonmissionary sex.”

He levels a finger at my face.  “Watch yourself, mister!  You’re the public face of Mutant tolerance and diversity!  Act like it!”

I throw my hands up in a WTF gesture.  “ ‘Tolerance and diversity?’  Who were the originals, fuckface?  You, Warren, Jean, Bobby, and Hank—making Mutants great again, eh?”

Scott turns bright red.  “That’s not…I have Black frie—”

I stick a finger in my mouth and fake-gag.  “You’re a walking cliche.  Gross.”  I roll my eyes.  “Next time you wanna go on patrol, leave me out of it.  Your small dick energy is fucking up my chi.”

“Watch yer mouth, bub!” Wolverine snarls.  “Keep smartin’ off, and yer gonna find out the hard way that I’m the best at what I do!  And what I do isn’t very nice!”

“What would that be?  Fucking Jean when Scott isn’t looking?”

Logan sputters, “No, that’s isn’t…what are you…SHUT UP!”  At the same time, Scott’s lower lip starts trembling and Jean hides a chuckle behind her hand.

Cyclops clears his throat.  Then—in a quavery voice that sounds like he’s about to cry—he announces:  “We’re going to run you through some real-world scenarios.  With the appropriate amount of reactive stress, I think we can trigger your Mutant abilities.”

Fuck.  THIS.  I’m not gonna kowtow to a repressed Abercrombie model, who also thinks he’s a Mutant drill instructor.  So I open my eReader to a Kent Wayne novel, activating its reality-distortion powers.  Magic flash.

“Huh…”  I stare wonderingly at my upturned palms.  “I think it worked.”  Buzzy waves are running through me, kinda like the come-up of a strong edible. 

“Nonsense,” Scott says briskly.  He begins ticking points off on his fingers.  “We need to check you for enhanced strength, telepathic sensitivity, gravitic manipulation…” 

As he blithers on, I raise a hand in his direction, simultaneously clenching my fist and my willpower.

“…temperature control, density shift, heat and illumi—HODEARJESUS!”  He clutches his belly and falls out of his seat.  “I’M GONNA…I’M GONNA…”

Mountains of shit coming pouring out, riddling his skintight undies with undulating lumps.  Horrendous odor fills the cabin, causing me to squint in disgust like Robert De Niro. 

“Fecalkinesis,” I manage.  “Best power ever.”

“You just assaulted a founding member!” Wolverine snarls, popping out his claws.  “Say yer prayers bub, ’cause…”  I turn my power on him, and his expression changes from enraged to panicked.  “Oh no…can’t…HOLD IT…”  He arches back and screams at the sky—“HRRAAANNNGHHHH!!!”—as dook after dook slides out of his butthole. 

Wolverine and Cyclops are now weeping and groaning, curled into fetal positions on the floor of the Blackbird.  Jean Grey comes sauntering over, sits on my lap, and starts playing with my hair.

“Care for some company?”

“Me?”  I raise an eyebrow.  “I haven’t fought Magneto, or saved the world from a Sentinel apocalypse…”

Jean shrugs.  “That stuff gets boring.  Also, Logan smells like unwashed balls, and Scott’s wiener is the size of a tic-tac.”

“No, Jean…” Cyclops moans.  “You promised…”

I quip, “Quiet, Tic-tac,” and give Jean a smile.  “I’m girthy, but it doesn’t stop there—I’m also packing a wicked upcurve.”

“Interesting…”  She curls a lock of hair behind her ear.  “Never had one, but I’m looking forward to trying yours out.”

And THAT, my friends, is why I never became an X-man.  Kent Wayne wins again!  HEH heh heh!



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32 thoughts on “Yet another weird ad for my novels

  1. This was a wild ride lol. I feel slightly offended you left out Professor X. He’s got some freaky shit he could be doing with that wheelchair and psychic dreamwalking or whatever the hell it is he does 🤣. But I’m down with you giving Cyclops uncontrollable shits lol.

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    • Surprised I never thought of that–I bet he’s got kinks for days! 🤣 The funny thing is I used to like Cyclops as a kid, also Batman, but once I realized that you could still get girls without being a broody, angsty dickhead, I was like NAH. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Batman is too much, man. He’s got all that money, but he can’t afford therapy? Just saying 🤣 and Cyclops is just salty that he can’t look anyone in the eyes. 🥲

        Liked by 1 person

      • I know, right?? Tons of money, toys, women, friends…after awhile, I saw what the writers were trying to do–he lost his family so he ironically creates a surrogate family, then he’s a complete dick to them and pushes them away because he’s afraid of losing them. It makes sense, but I got tired of it. 😅

        Liked by 1 person

      • I apologize–I should have worded that better. I didn’t mean to equate women to objects, but rather emphasize his outsize privilege and access in many areas, to include sex and relationships. However, I wrote it sloppily and made it offensive.

        Liked by 2 people

      • I mean, it’s still kind of offensive to equate having sex with women as a means of success and accomplishment? 🤷‍♀️but I appreciate your apology.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Respectfully, I think you’ve drawn what’s known in logic as a false equivalency. Money/toys/friends in Batman’s case aren’t a means of success/accomplishment; he uses them to avoid dealing with his trauma, as you mentioned. They aren’t markers of success or accomplishment either; he didn’t personally invest in/grow from/appreciate them when he acquired them, and in some cases he pushes them away. My first statement, I will readily apologize for, because there is a lot of room for interpretation, but I believe my apology is logically sound.

        I imagine Trussell would kind-heartedly restore perspective by humorously observing how two humans are experiencing the beginnings of drama while communicating as textboxes and icons stemming from a silly conversation about a fictional character, when they could just take a breath and easily disengage. So, with, respect, that’s what I intend to do–disengage and cease our communications. You don’t deserve to feel offended, and I don’t deserve to worry about offending you when I speak in good faith, without malice, and with logical validity. I’ll respond a couple more times to avoid being a last-word warrior, but otherwise, I sincerely hope you find joy and fulfillment in your blogging.

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      • That’s cool, man. I don’t have to explain why I defend stuff like that. You don’t know my life and I don’t know yours. Have a good day

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      • lol, If you negate the money the other women fall off you need a diamond that is loyal! There is only so much rubbish you can buy, knwledge is power and power is fallable! Unless you are me …. Success brings 174 points of eye with tabs on your money! I will let you feel successful, wanted and still find time to point out! “no way did your sentence imply women were toys! comma is a list not a link!” but as your mind wanders on the idea! give me your…. hands! lol😊💋

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      • Some of us want a permanent play friend! i always choose my central master s to heal my daughter….But he failed other than my chosen support network but they play masters….so replaceable! you fancy moonlighting as my physical instead of my linguistic lover! The entourage will not have a choice! pay you in slurps but full attendance for next twenty years! 🍨

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      • Wrong side of the planet! Ps i am not part of your fan base i am your friend and partner in naughty narratives now behave and let me in! outside your nightmare rituals!😈

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      • Whole point…company you keep might stop you running around in your head and get them completed with less structure! more fun! i will add you as my guard and you can protect me from ….free time! lol 🔥 😈🍄

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      • I am a master crafts woman….not to mention i doubt a drop will be spilled on either side! i will teach you all you need to know little grasshopper! 😋 🍑 lady Chatterley and her knight! i am sure your service record will melt my eyeballs but you aint played in my levels!

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      • i do not want to know about your soccor sweat shop! i obstructed gods to sit here! oh look it goes to the gym and has an ass of a temprement! oh not putting out to your wife guillotine malevolant and temperance…. you aint seen nothing, i was so …..mmm never mind! lol last one to respond! you sure it was from me not one of the dippy body doubles! 🔥 😈🍄

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      • whenever you can find it sitting long enough i will tap my toes and you can magic flash in! lol 🔥 😈🍄 i just saved a girl from typhoid in africa! my primary world physician role still got it! not to mention my littlest! community is getting battered by craft and masters! i could do with a less aggressive release! 😢 😋 🍑


  2. Hi,
    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and liking it. I really appreciate your initiative to like new bloggers post, so we continue to write. I have not read your blogs yet but I am definitely going to read it, because I recently finished 1984 and started A Brave New World.

    Once again, really appreciate your efforts.

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    • I had a long discussion about it with my friends and we agreed it’s the best power ever. You could rule the world without violence, and you’d have a ton of fun in the process! 😂


  3. Are you allowed to reduce marvellous to a bunch of scrappy frat students living in a shack! last time i looked the joy of being a super hero was scattering your lovers world across the globe at 1 % so when someone dies some terminator trashes the aggressors world and takes over as super human! I perceive that in rings and circle f.,#ing his wife is probably okay if your religious or were layered in houses! Or work force tethered assignment,,,HRH we all come together! Is that how god disappeared! he is probably still in the bahamas checking his wallet!

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