People keep arguing about what “Truth” means.  Devastating wars have been waged over what people think it is.  Scientists have been imprisoned, tortured, and shunned when their demonstrably reliable findings have conflicted with what people believe to be “True.” (sometimes by other scientists, ironically enough).

I just shrug and leave it a Mystery.  If I focus on long-term functionality (ethics is required for this, as organizations/relationships will collapse over the long term without a sound base of ethics), it allows me to be whatever I need to be, and hew to all those frustratingly contradictory parables.  I can be as faithful as Abraham, as ruthless as Moses, as altruistic as Jesus, as assertive as Mohammed, as serene as Buddha…whatever propagates harmony through the foreseeable future.

And I suspect, that if I live that way, I’ll forget all about “Truth,” and eventually become it.

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3 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Truth is utility. What we can perceive and imagine will contain uncountable truths. Those truths that remain un-perceived and un-imagined will also be unchallenged and unused. Truths exposed through demonstration and repetition remain.

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