Humans have evolved to indulge in immediate gratification and it makes perfect sense; those base instincts once encouraged our survival.  They have driven our evolution.

But in order to keep evolving, in order to keep surviving, it is essential to reign in our desire for immediate gratification.  It is essential to play the long game.

As always, discipline and strategy are of the utmost importance.   

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15 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Amen, otherwise we won’t have a planet in which to enjoy those urges on. Did you catch the hail storm in Saudi Arabia that caused a flash flood on the sand? Talk about making a good point! Thank you!

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  2. I agree and disagree. I think time well spent as in love, or your very person growing cannot and should not be instant or even hurried. while in the same sense, the pursuit of happiness should be a now and every day but that sometimes depends on the choices we make.

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