Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

Every so often, the people need a hero–a savior that ventures forth into the darkness, ready to champion the oppressed and empower the under-trodden.  A savior who breathes fresh life into the collective.

Kent Wayne is not that hero.  Kent Wayne is not that savior.


Holy jizzle bits!  Time to wake up, work out, knock out taxes, meditate, and…


All that can wait—Kent be HONGRAY!  I reach beneath me and pull out a half-eaten protein bar that I accidentally slept on, and maow them shits down.  NOMMOs!

Okay—NOW I’m ready to…

I look down at my morning boner.  Hmm…it’d be a shame to waste this…

A damn shame.


Ugh…can barely move…maybe I can still squeeze another one out…hnnnghhh…


Nah…it’s like I’m trying to play pool with a goddamn scarf…fuck.

I collapse back in bed, blowing out a loud sigh.  How the hell can I finish my book if I keep giving in to the urge to jerk it like a fifteen year old virgin in high school math who’s seizing on the golden opportunity to spooge into his desk when everyone’s distracted by the cool substitute teacher who’s decided to show the new John Wick film instead of actually teaching class?
Let me assure you that none of the above is derived from personal experience. (DON’TLOOKATME!)
Goddammit!  I’ve got stories to tell!  Ideas to express!  If only…

If only…

Of course!  There’s an easy way out of this—it was staring me in the face this entire time!

I open my eReader to Echo, activating its reality distortion powers. Magic flash.
Soccer Mom Prime, the love of my love, materializes in front of me.  She puts both hands on her hips and tsk tsks.

“Kent.  We’ve talked about this.  Come on—you’ve got a gift.  You can’t afford to waste it.”

I cover my face with both hands.  “I knoooowwww,” I moan.  “I just can’t stop jerking off and eating snacks!  I need some motivation that goes above and beyond.  I’ve been trying to find something, but–”

“If you finish your next book, I’ll let you do anal.”

At the mention of anal, I experience a brief moment of out-of-body rapture; I’ve been gifted with the power of flight, and I’m soaring hundreds of feet above the clouds.  My skin is bathed in a soothing glow of warm, golden sunlight.  Tears trickle down my cheeks as I realize I’m about to arrive at the Promised Land they spoke of in myths and lege—

“Kent!”  A slap across my face brings me back to my senses.  “GET TO WORK!”

“Yes MA’AM!”  I leap up from my bed and into my ergonomic office chair, banging away at a blank Word document at 200 words per minute.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see SMP giving me giant, shit-eating grin.  Still typing, I glance back over my shoulder…

And I throw it right back at her.


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