Theoretically, abundance is a given. Potential dances through and around us, in every quantum fluctuation of our existence. But that doesn’t always translate to life, where it often seems like we’re cut off and bereft.

That’s why we are creative individuals. If we can open our perception to possibility and adventure, we can begin to ride their transcendent currents.


37 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I think through winter months the thing we all long for in abundance are good company, warm food and love! Cornucopia of frivellous exchanges to fulfill the feeling of christmas that they all fall for should be exchanged for several layers of tech and a clause of choice by your side, as we are at fall my chosen abundance is one of infinite oppertunity for love, passion and fullfillment….and a llittle creative writing! love this…i prefer your musings! Your psychologist may be Harley Quinn but great minds think alike!😈

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  2. resetting tech always come at an inconvenient time, i just became the owner o a takeaway businees and delivered a deliverer! i love being me! i got an xbox for my bedroom….all of mine are trying to get back in but a few of my extensions love trying to come back in! i think they even love the beatings they recieve or eventing gainst my daughter!

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