Give yourself permission to fail, then ruthlessly push yourself to do better next time.

That way, you will have an excuse to act, paired with a focus on victory.  All too often, those two approaches conflict and clash (perfectionism vs. recklessness), but that needn’t be the case—they can work in harmony and maximize potential.

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5 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I tend to shoot somewhere in the middle. I don’t mind failing. I accept that I might not have all I need to succeed. But trying and failing will likely teach me something, and, hopefully it will be that wonderful stuff called, “practical experience.” I try to avoid being reckless when in the “trying” phase. Recklessness, while passionate to the extreme, can have unnecessarily bad consequences. I don’t lack passion, but I try to temper it a bit with reason, I suppose.
    On the other end… success… I am willing to accept that there might be better ways to accomplish something or even higher degrees of success than what I have achieved. If I play the part of perfectionist, then I will never likely get that sense of accomplishment because I’ll feel like I have not done good enough. Again, I am not lacking passion, and I am striving to do my best. I am, however, simply accepting that I might not have reached perfection.
    Now, if you’re in the pursuit of something where the level of success to achieve perfection is not known, I will concede to your philosophy. It is that sort of drive that will advance us beyond where we’re at today.

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      • Not a bad way to be. It’s that kind of mentality that advances civilization. I have definitely taken some risks in my past. I guess I never gave it much thought at the time. In retrospect, I guess I can still be that extreme, but I think it’s about a more narrow scope of things. One thing for sure, though, I try to avoid regret at all costs. If there’s regret, then I did not do my best, and that is unacceptable.

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