Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

“Steel your hearts, warriors.”  Our Viking raid leader, Cnut Svarlbard, stares grimly at us from beneath the shadow of his iron helmet.  He clutches his battle-axe with both hands, his gnarled knuckles pulsing and shifting as he rhythmically squeezes the leather-wrapped haft.

“STROKE!  STROKE!  STROKE!”  Our corded arms move in perfect tandem, flipping the oars forward, then pulling them back; forward, then back.  Salty sea-spray blasts our faces, reddening our cheeks and drenching our beards.

Yes—YES!  This is what we were made for!  I can’t wait to shove my spear up some unsuspecting heathen’s backsi—

But then my mouth betrays me.  It begins to belt out a truly heinous, dissonant Hel-screech, one that could only be tolerated by the foulest of demons:

“In an mmmbop they’re gone
In an mmmbop they’re not there
In an mmmbop they’re gone
In an mmmbop they’re not there…”

“WHAT THE FUCK???” Cnut screams.  He vomits onto the deck of our longship, and the rest of the crew follows suit, barfing and shitting all over the vessel.  In a matter of seconds, the air is filled with the rancid stench of bile and shit.  I try to stop singing, but my mouth won’t obey.

“WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO US???”  Bjarke, my closest childhood friend, demands of me as blood leaks from the corners of his eyes.  “WHY, ODIN DAMN YOU???”

I finally regain control of my mouth and my voice.  “I’m…I’m sorry,” I stammer, holding both hands out in front of me.  “I didn’t mean to—”

Cnut spits out a glob of something bloody and dark.  “Kent’s a liability,” he gasps.  “Can’t risk his presence.”  He points a quivering finger straight at my face-hole.  “KILL HIM!!!!”

The rest of the crew staggers up, clutching their weapons.  I plead and beg—“Hold on guys, just HOLD ON A SECOND!”—but they’re not having it.  The ship rocks ponderously, as they edge toward me, pure murder shining from their gazes.

Fuck it.  No options left.  I reach in my satchel and unfurl a scroll—it has an otherworldly story called “Echo” writ upon its surface—activating its reality distortion powers.  Magic flash.

An interdimensional portal blazes into existence a few feet to my left, hovering above the surface of the water.  Within its color-soaked ripples, a beautiful soccer mom beckons dreamily.

“Join me, Kent—not only will I refrain from casting judgment on your shitty taste in music, but we’ll smash our nether-parts together with the jackrabbit ardor of idiot teenagers.”

Hot DIGGITY!  I dive into the portal, barely evading a clutching pair of hands.  As the world hazes out of focus, Cnut screams in rage and frustration:

“Damn you, Wayne!  DAAAAAMMMMNNNN YOOOOUUuuuuuuu…”

Ha HA!  That Viking stuff is for the birds!  Kent Wayne escapes again!




Have you accidentally pissed off your super hardcore, drink-blood-from-a-skull, marauder companions?  Never fear!  Get Echo Vol. 1 on Kindle here:  Vol. 1 on Kindle.  Vol. 2 on Kindle here:  Vol.2 on Kindle  Vol. 3 on Kindle here:  Vol. 3 on Kindle  Vol.4 on Kindle here:  Vol. 4 on Kindle  Echo Omnibus here:  Echo Omnibus  Echo Vol. 1 & 2 Combined Edition here:  Combined Edition  If you wanna hear me babble on about anything and everything, and strain my FREAKIN’ BRAIN, then here’s a link to my podcast:  Strained Brains!  It is on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google Play!  Please give it a listen and a five-star review!  Here’s the miscellaneous gear that I use to try and become an uber-human:  Optimization, and last but not least, my buddy Jumar Balacy has made a supercool microsite at!  Go check out his computer-based wizardry  🙂 🙂 😀

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