Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

Hylithian Lyresong pulls back on his reins, halting his mount a dozen yards from the cliff’s edge.  I follow suit, and my rainbow-streaked unicorn stops right next to his.

“Look yonder, Scout Wayne.  I know you’ve only just been inducted into our ranks, but—”

My eyes light up.  “Yo—being an Elven Bladesinger is the TITS!  Here, smell my finger.  Last night I—”

He pushes my hand away, a flash of annoyance playing across his fine-boned features.  “Your childish antics turn my stomach.  If I was your regimental commander, I’d—”

“You’re just jealous I’m slaying all dat Elven ass.  Get over yourself.”

“—put you through the Trial of Blades until you learned your lesson.  Lysha’s Harp—you are a disgusting little creature.”

“Prick,” I mutter.

“See that?”  He extends his arm, pointing to our front.  “I was trying to tell you—something approaches.  And it appears to be ruinous.”

I peer into the distance, trying to figure out what the hell he’s talking about.  Fucking stoopid-ass pointy-ears all bent out of shape because I’m widening Elven vajeens left and right…it’s not my fault that all these magical-ass maidens go buck fucking nuts for a girthy upcurve.

Whoa…hold on a second…what the…

Hundreds of yards ahead, fifty-foot pines are falling at an alarming rate, skewing left and right, carving a giant furrow in the forest below.

“The fuck?”  My brow wrinkles in puzzlement.

“Come.”  Hylithian wheels his mount around.  “Whatever it is, it’ll be on us in seconds.  We must alert the queen.”

We gallop away, the sound of crashing timber hot on our heels.  Unearthly howls rips through the air, shriveling my nuts into a fuzzy little peach pit.

“FASTER, KENT!”  Hylithian ducks lower on his steed as it leaps into the air and clears rotting log covered in mushrooms.  “IT’S GAINING!”

I look back and spot something I never thought I’d see in this enchanted realm:  every soccer mom I’d once widened with my prodigious womb-hammer is tearing through the underbrush, churning up a maelstrom of dirt-swirling fury.


“I’ve used up all my sperm on Elven hotties!” I call back in a panicked shout.  “It’ll take months before I build up enough seed to satisfy your demands!”


I look at Hylithian, who locks eyes with me and responds with a grim little shake of his head.  He faces forward and begins chanting under his breath.  I can see his lips moving; it’s a goddamn funeral prayer.

Fuck it.  No options left.  I open my eReader to Echo, activating its reality distortion powers.  Magic flash.

A chain of medium-rare ribeyes fall from the sky.  I tilt my head back, open wide, and—


—maow them shits down.  The giant serving of All That Is Man courses through my veins, engorging my balls with a fresh load of swimmers, all infused with the sweet tang of organic pineapple.

I backflip off my mount and land in an anime-style crouch.  “GO!” I yell at Hylithian, who throws an incredulous glance at me from over his shoulder.  “I’VE GOT THIS!”

As he gallops away with my riderless mount, I can see his mouth working—he’s trying to find something appropriate to say.  A second later, he mouths, “Thank you, Man Whore.”

“Not a problem,” I mouth back.  Then I stand and turn, facing the horde of soccer moms undulating toward me.  I unzip my fly, and as my mouth-watering piece telescopes outward and quivers several feet in front of my face, I utter five words in a take-no-shit rasp:

“Come and get you some.”

*Swords and Sorcery porn music*



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11 thoughts on “Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

  1. ohmygod… “sweet tang of organic pineapple”?!??!! LMAO
    And actually… I’d like to hear the swords and sorcery porn music… gotta be better than Taylor Swift or whoever it is you’re normally playing 😉😆

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