I used to turn my nose up at nuance and complexity; I used to believe there was some inherent superiority in assigning a blanket label to a specific experience, and that delving into it would steal its magic and render it into a dead, logic-bound husk.

Now, however, I see that it’s the exact opposite.  As I delve further into nuance, I can’t help but marvel at the maps of causality that rise around all phenomena—from human beauty to quantum physics.  I find myself humbled and awed by the infinite unfolding of countless variables—of how myriad implications dance across my perception, hinting that everything I sense is part of some giant game of limitless possibility.

7 thoughts on “Musings

    • I think that assertion is a matter of personal preference, which, in my mind, aligns with outer reality through functionality. If it serves me better to think of it as a memory, then fine, but if it serves me better to think of it as a real thing, then that’s fine as well.


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