It often seems necessary to water down conclusions (those that explain past behaviors and also predict future ones) with tact, flowery words, and sometimes lies.

But in regards to myself, this seems unproductive and dangerous.  Beating myself up is also unproductive, but it always seems effective to look in the mirror and work with the evidence in front of me.

5 thoughts on “Musings

  1. watch out for fun house mirrors;) All this self-reflection certainly keeps your focus on you. And may be valuable, in that you are the only one you control. But you do not live in a vacuum and conditions are usually dynamic. You may not have time to ponder everything. It seems you have gained quite a bit of confidence so you can trust yourself to do the right thing, and fix it if it turns out not to be the right thing. I do no think you can “nail yourself down,” and at the same time grow into the world as it changes.

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    • I don’t actually consider it reflection in the classical sense; I think it’s just taking input from the environment, and figuring out how to best use it. To me, it’s really just trying to figure out how to put the best foot forward. 🙂

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