I’m a giant believer in shortcuts—whether they be labeled technology, magic, or methodology—but I don’t think a shortcut in any way excuses the absence of discipline.  It takes disciplined thought to assess a shortcut and make sure it is still relevant and ethical, and it takes disciplined action to create new shortcuts that are viable enough to replace the current ones.


11 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I’m basically lazy. I’ll look for shortcuts and easier ways to do things on a daily basis. I once saved an employer thousands of dollars on manufacturing because I didn’t want to order the part they needed to complete a project. Pointed out they didn’t need it if they just changed the connectors on the cable they fabricated.

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  2. Thanks for this – it’s funny how we define them sometimes…when I was writing code for a living I would stay up all night writing code for a one-time routine to solve something that I could probably just count…my rationale was that the time expense would lead to a shortcut in the future…

    Not sure if that ever really came to pass…

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