When you are a writer (or any form of artist), I think you end up skating the madness-infused edges of possibility, catching glimpses of a fantastical truth, which—if consumed in the proper fashion—can make you saner than those around you.

15 thoughts on “Musings

  1. This is definitely true. After forty years in the music biz as AR, the “normal” people, the PTA people, the soccer coach people are far, far, far crazier. Because they don’t have an outlet to ground them.

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  2. Some folk are wound far too tight with trying to prove how rational and logical they are. Three Dimensional Physical Reality is OK but it’s not the only place to be.

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      • And that’s what I love about the whole business! And also admire those genuine scientists who also feel the same way while saying it would be boring if they were right all the time.

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      • Indeed! Good science is about honestly admitting what you don’t know, in my opinion. In formal logic, they actually teach that you can’t definitively prove anything, you can only accept a premise that is constructed from empirical evidence and observation, then proceed to validate a conclusion from that premise.

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