Throughout my life, I’ve employed the traditional model of finding happiness:  by working incredibly hard to line up a series of conditions that met my expectations so I could triumphantly declare progress/victory/whatever.

But those blips of happiness were few and far between, requiring tons of work and always haunted by pervasive uncertainty.  Nowadays, I gravitate toward the easier path:  that of the happy idiot.  If I appreciate something inconsequential, happiness arises all on its own.  The same thing happens if I quiet my thoughts; happiness arises with no justification or preceding rationalization.

I find this much more efficient than trying to wring drips of satisfaction from a turbulent drama of schemes, failures, and victories.  I still focus on milestones and benchmarks, but at the risk of sounding cliché, it really is all about the journey.

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20 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Reading this I realized something.
    In my simplistic thought process, I have never tried to be happy. Either I am or I’m not.
    It turns out that for me, it’s always small, often seemingly insignificant things that make me happy.
    I guess that means I’m in the fuckin idiot category… right?

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  2. Where oh where has my sexy young author friend gone???? Oh where oh where can he be??? August 12 was a bit ago, dear. Thinking of you and reading your book of musings every so often!

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