One of the quickest ways to build consensus and vanquish pettiness is by embodying the time-honored basics:  discipline, strategy, and the willingness to consider all sides.  Over time, these qualities propagate functionality.  And functionality—as we all know from those stories where the hero stifles tribalism and vindictiveness through salient action—leads to effectiveness, which has the marvelous trait of cutting through confusion and simplifying the situation.

2 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I agree with this with one exception… quick. I am not sure that the ultimate production of functionality due to those traits is accepted quickly anymore. I think many are starting to “learn” how to ignore functionality to preserve their perceptions based on the notion, “How could I be wrong?”

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    • I meant “quick” in the relative sense. I think you’re right; people are learning to become more selectively ignorant in a lot of cases, but as of yet, I still suspect there is no stronger and quicker argument than making something work.

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