I try and assess (adjust if warranted)…and repeat ad nauseam. 

Not because it’s noble, or even because it’s pleasant, but simply because it seems to be the best option available.  

4 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I think that is what people do, regardless of the efficacy of their thinking. Consider the best choices of a person who has a restricted environment, restricted access to information, and limited mental capacity. Also consider a self-destructive, substance abuser, who sees the world as “the hood” and all success measured on that scale. They can all apply your process and get the results they get now.

    You and I have advantages that make the process work better than for others. Sometimes the problem IS the environment. Therapists and rehab specialists have tried in great frustration to provide a new mind-view and new habits to break that mold. The problem: most people revert to their main (old/childhood) strategy in life when they are under stress. Do you know anyone with a stress-free life? If you do, let me know which mountain they occupy;)

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    • I think some level of stress is actually critical to maintaining happiness. Volunteering for stress in the attempt to grow personal capability seems to be the most fulfilling way to live life, and also, from my limited knowledge, very therapeutic. (Could roughly be translated as the hero’s journey, in the sense of Joseph Campbell). I actually think many people end up shying away from this due to past trauma, and end up waiting for the stress (chaos) to come to their door, instead of venturing into chaos and proactively pushing their ability to propagate order. Avoiding stress is comfortable in the short-term, but it reinforces prey circuitry, and invites stress to arrive uninvited to one’s doorstep, reinforcing and creating trauma in the long term. The second way is uncomfortable in the short-term, as one must actively engage with stress (chaos), but engages hunter circuitry, and rewires the brain with lessons learned or positive feedback with successful endeavors. All this is my opinion, but so far, it seems to map functionally onto what I have seen from others and what I have done myself.

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