Almost every philosophy/religion I’ve seen implies that life is full of pain and suffering, and that we have to toil and agonize in order to achieve an abiding peace.

But what if that isn’t true?  What if the pain/suffering is merely a mechanism that cements our understanding of what is personally pleasing on this unexplainable, nonsensical adventure?  What if it’s a way of gathering preferences and information in an ever-expanding universe, so we have a direction in which to channel our creativity?

Maybe the real reward is in channeling that creativity, revealed in a flush of purpose and energy.  Maybe all we have to do is relax into the present, allowing our greater aspects to flow and spill, joyously uniting us with the rest of existence.  Maybe we don’t have to indulge in a transactional slog where we flay ourselves down to a predetermined standard that’s worthy of heaven/enlightenment/awareness.

And maybe it’s all the more valuable because we get to choose if that’s true or false.

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8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Pain helps us indicate direction, what we need to fix. It’s subjective and is unique to each of us. That’s why we address it internally first. Like the person above said, it’s an empathy tool as well. But we can’t be effective in the world as broken people. We can’t fix ourselves by fixing others. The world will tear that down right away. Healed people can be powerful bullion for a rich broth.

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  2. Maybe. This is a lot of deep contemplation as I sit here with a square of chocolate and my first coffee of the day. I think this might be true in the general sense. Specifics are often exceptions to rules. In my experience.

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  3. […] Musings 1528 – I think it is safe to say that Kent and I come from very different places as far as what we would ascribe our spirituality to, but I do mostly agree with what he is saying here. In my studies and meditations, I have found that the Ancient of Days really does want us to be happy and lead lives full of joy. The sticking point is that we have to do that even in the midst of sorrow and suffering. To put it another way, my Bible-based faith doesn’t lead me to embrace suffering and reject hoy as an aesetic. My readings tell me that life will be full of hardships, but there is a better, easier path to follow that will lead to joy and through my faith, I can find joy in the moment in almost any circumstances. […]

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