Principles are simple, but contexts aren’t.  Recognizing context-driven variables is a superpower in and of itself.  Channeling principles so they address those variables in a functional manner…

I believe at that point you start to embody wisdom, rather than spending long, frustrating hours trying to puzzle it out.

10 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I am puzzled about “principles,” and “context” in this muse. Often context is composed of principles. Gravity is built into our context. What principles can be added? Physics, chemistry, electromagnetics, make up our context and have many “principles,” or “laws.” Could you clarify?

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  2. I am going to reword this to where I can process it better. If a principle is a belief and the context is other people and their beliefs, then recognizing that each person has their own principles would be an amazing feat in and of itself. the ability then to channel your own principles in a way that relates to all of the others ….. would require a fundamental understanding of your own principles including why you carry that principle in the first place. I also believe that with practice we can shorten this distance between our own questions and answers, this could be seen as becoming wise or embodying Wisdom.

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  3. Functional perspectives.
    What perspectives matter in a given perspective? or rather whose perspective?
    Principles are anchors which can offer glimpse of a given perspective, give it a structure.

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