Echo: The Weekly Update

Word Count, Vol.4:  Over 200k.  I’ve decided to stop counting until I’m finished.

Thanks to All Who Bought Echo!  And BIG THANKS to Melissa, Barbara, Ian, Lorna, [anonymous], Lisa, Meg, Matt, Bobby, F.T., Alice Smith, Leslie Coop, Richard, Shauna, Sydney, Pam, Jessica, Angela, Kiesa, Ross, Keith, Alice, Daina, Daniel, Yolanda, Trace, Books4me and Vince for posting AMAZING reviews on Amazon!!!  Ashley too for the 5 star on Nook!  I’d like to reiterate that leaving a positive review for any author is the equivalent of leaving $100 tip at a restaurant (I know some authors who’d actually pay that much for a good review).  Although I sincerely appreciate any love you leave me on Amazon, please consider leaving a review for ANY author you know, simply as a random act of kindness…because it’ll mean the world to ’em!  (A good place to start are those I’ve listed—a few of them are authors.  Let me know if you want me to put you in touch with ’em and I’ll be more than happy to do so!  And no, you don’t need to have purchased their book to leave a review on Amazon; you simply needed to have used Amazon at one time or another to leave what’s called an “unverified purchase” review.  If you purchased their book at the store or on another eReader, you can still leave a review for them.)

News:  Irons in the fire!  Plinking out word count!  The life of an aspiring writer never stops!  So yep, I’m forging ahead with the paperback, gonna combine Echo Volumes 1 and 2 into one book, but first I gotta run it by Palamedes’ editor.  A salient point was bought up by one of my fellow authors; she told me that people are a bit more exacting with stuff that’s in print.  We all forgive the foibles of how Kindle mashes the layout a bit—I think everyone is a bit less stringent on how high a quality is in a Kindle product because of the weird formatting stuff it does on occasion—but there’s no room for that in paperback!  Plus I get a chance to re-examine my stuff and really see where I’ve improved, what my weaknesses are, etc. etc.

I’m well into the final act of Echo 4!  Close to the fun stuff, where I bring the house down and Atriya solves the mystery to Everything!  (It’s not 42, Hitchhiker fans, not in my book anyways).  Right now I’m gonna relax and maybe go biking around the park.  If you are a writer, I wish you inspired drafting and insightful editing!!!



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