Echo-A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel: News

While I have a little break here…BIG THANKS to Kristi Doll for sharing my work with her group of intrepid artists (poets/musicians I believe it was). Her friend who is a former Marine (I know to capitalize it and say ‘former’-once in the Corps, you are always so) gifted my work with an extremely kind compliment, stating he enjoyed my descriptions of the troops and their movements (believe he was talking about chapters 1&2 of Echo Vol.2). This was actually a concern of mine as all my training/knowledge is outdated/obsolete (tactical doctrine is always evolving and different among various gunfighter communities) I had to streamline stuff as well for storytelling purposes . So Thanks Kristi! And to your friend…Thanks for the compliment! It is my amazing privilege to entertain you all and stay tuned for the next chapter! I’ve hinted at the cool tech in the previous chapters and it’s time to amp it up! (And I haven’t even gotten to the giant robot suit yet) Once again, Thank You Kristi! And Thank You Kristi’s friend! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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