In the short run, it’s possible to substitute charm for competency.

But in the long run, that isn’t charming; it turns people against you.

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17 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I don’t think that’s always the case necessarily. Really depends on context. A lathe machinist isn’t going to get by on charm, but jobs where metrics are more subjective can make it a necessity because endearing yourself to your superiors has a more lasting effect than your output, or may even effect how your bosses respond to your output.

    And if in you’re in sales charm is generally part of being competent, so there’s no real difference.

    I think if your tendency is to rely on charm you should get out of the shop or off the field or what have you and move into a context where that’s beneficial.

    The reverse is also true–I’ve known a lot of hardworkers who waste years grinding away in places where their skill and work ethic is unappreciated and unrewarded.

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    • I don’t know–I used to sell real estate, and I’ve seen top performers who were the exact opposite of charming. They knew the psychology of the sell, and were able to use their skill to make the sale. I’d say the hard workers who grind away are missing a link in the chain–how to effectively communicate their value. To me, that’s part of competence.

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      • Kinda what I’m saying. It’s sort of relative the difference between “charm” and “competence”.

        Knowing the psychology of the sale can make you look charming to the buyer, even if the manipulation is apparent to those in the know. I suppose understanding when and how to apply pressure or incentives is also a big part of it. (Personally terrible at sales… I work in compliance because I love telling people no, lol)

        I think people who manage both competence and charm are the most successful.

        On the other hand, there’s always politics :/

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  2. Great words of wisdom! 🙂
    P.S. just a heads-up (because many other bloggers have already written about it) – Tygpress, a Digital Ocean account, is reblogging different bloggers’ work (yours included) without their knowledge or prior consent; luckily you’ve already copyrighted your own work, which helps. But thought I should let you know.
    Plenty of bloggers have already lodged complaints about it, so hopefully it’ll be addressed soon.

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  3. Charm can win you votes but competency shows your true worth. A charming person can dazzle anyone, a competent person will be appreciated by all. Have an awesome weekend my dear friend. I look forward to new posts from you soon.
    Elizabeth Stevens

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