A Door into Evermoor; By Kent Wayne

Cheryl gives A Door into Evermoor a wonderful review! Thank you, Cheryl!

Cornucopia the legacy

The writing is fast flowing, i love the use of the dimensions and shifts into other realms through the structure of the narrative, a lot of the expressions are set as the conflicts that many seem are around fitting into society! I found The Door into Evermoor is a lot faster paced, full of links to movies and the Dungeons and dragons, full of illiteration references to a variety of console realms and games as structural foundations to learning! A true reflection of tomboy and Princes fan focus from the 80’s showing a love of all things loved by those growing up in the prime of game development and consoles!

“You were right, Aitrya You were right about it all! There are other world’s than these,

And i wouldn’t have it any other way!”

The prologue says it all the wonderful name of Jon Dough a nameless kid from San…

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