Echo Volume 1 Approaching Shatter Review

Now I primarily read fantasy so it’s rare for a Sci-Fi book to capture my attention. But when I saw Echo’s book cover and description I was intrigued…

Echo Volume 1 Approaching Shatter Review

Guest Spotlight with Sci-Fi Author, Kent Wayne, aka The Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Here’s my interview with D.L. Lewellyn! I had a great time answering these questions!

By D. L. Lewellyn

Or is it the Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha, aka Kent Wayne? Hmmm. I’ll let you decide after you meet him. Read on!

Click on images to link to Mr. Wayne’s books and blogs.

You might guess my first question today, Kent. What seeds that imagination when you write your “Yet another weird ad for my novels” blog? They sure caught my attention.

Believe it or not, no one’s asked me that before. Oftentimes, it’s a throwaway joke I hear on a comedy podcast. It takes root in my mind, grows into a premise, then I change the context so I can make a miniature story out of it. Other times, I’m struck by a “What If,” then when I sit down to write, I tease out the possibilities within that premise.

You’ve created foes, heroes, and the most zany and naughty superpowers from just about every likely and unlikely personality in…

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Great review by Aparna!

Aparna12's Weblog


A Book Review

This is an amazing book by Kent Wayne. It’s about the trials and tribulations encountered by the protagonist, Atriya, who is a Crusader, working for the Enforcement Department, in order to survive in an oppressive regime. The story begins with a glance into the near future when humans left the earth to settle in a similar planet, Echo.

Since then, business and government have come together to form the regime, often known as the Regime. The military and the police are now combined into the Department of Enforcement. For millennia, a conflict has existed between the Regime and the rebels known as the Dissidents.

The Moon City of Ascension, a futuristic metropolis,adorned with spectacular architecture is home to society’s elite. Buildings branch and whirl like vines and trees on Ascension.

These creations would not be able to stand without the aid of a gravity-manipulating device…

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Book Review – A Door into Evermoor

Alicia gives a fantastic review for a Door into Evermoor!

Alicia Jeanne

I do not remember how I found A Door into Evermoor by Kent Wayne. I don’t remember when I clicked on it, I don’t remember buying it, but I do know I was trying to pick my next read in my kindle library and the cover was so happy and cheerful that it was my next read. And yah know what, IT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD!

A Door into Evermoor is a young adult fantasy book and I really enjoyed reading it. We are immediately introduced to Jon and rather than the author drawing out him moving into Evermoor, we are thrown into it almost immediately. The author rushes you along with Jon to move into this new realm and it is done so well, not only with the writing but how the pacing is done as well. Reading the book you legitimately feel rushed and confused.

When Jon arrives…

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Author #Interview: Let’s Chat with #IndieAuthor @KentWayne108! — Jean Lee’s World

I had a great time being interviewed by Jean Lee about my books and authorship! Thank you, Jean!

Click here for more info about this book! Welcome back, my fellow creatives! I’m thrilled to continue sharing some lovely indie authors I’ve met in our community. This month, please welcome the adventurer cosmic, Kent Wayne! Let’s begin with your adventures as a reader. What was an early experience where you learned that language had […]

Author #Interview: Let’s Chat with #IndieAuthor @KentWayne108! — Jean Lee’s World

A Door into Evermoor; By Kent Wayne

Cheryl gives A Door into Evermoor a wonderful review! Thank you, Cheryl!

Cornucopia the legacy

The writing is fast flowing, i love the use of the dimensions and shifts into other realms through the structure of the narrative, a lot of the expressions are set as the conflicts that many seem are around fitting into society! I found The Door into Evermoor is a lot faster paced, full of links to movies and the Dungeons and dragons, full of illiteration references to a variety of console realms and games as structural foundations to learning! A true reflection of tomboy and Princes fan focus from the 80’s showing a love of all things loved by those growing up in the prime of game development and consoles!

“You were right, Aitrya You were right about it all! There are other world’s than these,

And i wouldn’t have it any other way!”

The prologue says it all the wonderful name of Jon Dough a nameless kid from San…

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Book Review; Echo 1 by Kent Wayne:

Cheryl gives a great review for Echo 1!

Cornucopia the legacy

Today i had my first taste of Amazon Kindle, thanks to a gift from my lovely assistant, set up an account as i did my blonde moment! I began to read through the first chapters and as i proceded i eventually got into a reading rhythm, no reflection on the work it takes a while for the names and structures to equate into language and association, so it always takes a while for me to get into the flow of actually reading!

I have to say i clicked relatively well but mostly around the conversations between Atriya on meeting Verus an extremely well presented character, i love the rhythm and the attention to detail of the narrative, how intimately the characters are presented! The vision and fondness for the characters shows by the focus on the personality, the commradery is endearing and shows a real connection between the characters who…

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