The Infinite Realms of Living (with audio)

What a poem! Treats tricky subjects (that people usually bungle, in my opinion) with a lot of skill and a lot of passion!


I’m scared, she said.

Let’s hide, he said.

Where to? she said.

In plain sight, he said.

But she felt naked there.


Composed of the elements of reality

with a dose of anxiety.

As if she were a water filter

sifting through the sediments

of tomorrow’s eventuality.

I’m drowning here, she said.

Let’s drift away, he said.

Where to? she said.

Down the lazy river of daydreams, he said.

But the fantasy of living without being wasn’t freeing.

She felt sleepy there.

As if the waking part of her wasn’t really awake

but rather stuck

in a dream state.

I’ll suffocate here, she said.

Let’s float away, he said.

Where to? she said.

Through the maze of missing memories, he said.

But she felt forgotten there.

Lost in spaces that had been misplaced and mistaken for trash.

The sacredness of their treasures was stashed

away so the decay of…

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Echo Volume 4: The Last Edge of Darkness


I finished reading Echo Volume 4: The Edge of Darkness by Kent Wayne. I read the other three books in the book series.  I found out about this book series from his blog. He posts funny ads for his books and unique sayings. You can view his blog at

Warning: there is some violence and mind blowing stuff.

Please read The Dark Tower book series by Stephen King before reading this
book. Some of it will make more sense if you do.

In Echo Volume 3,
Atriya gets injured by Verus and some people on the planet Echo. In Echo Volume
4, Atriya wakes up in another world he thinks. There is a sky and plants, but
not really real. They are underground. He learns some magic techniques, but he
gets bored with them. He wants to fight. He volunteers to join Dake’s team of
fighters. Dake is…

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The Professor; Adventures in Editing

The evenings tea sat cold and forgotten on his desk as he snored softly, a trickle of drool pooling on the paper he slept on. An amused Ferb stood in front of the desk, looking down at the professor. Having knocked twice but found he was unable to rouse the professor, he’d entered quietly. “Professor… “ he spoke, but all he got in response was snores. “Professor!” he tried again, a little louder this time. Still nothing, rolling his eyes he looked around for something to aid the process a little. He pulled a crystal tumbler from the drinks tray by the desk and held it aloft for a moment. Still staring at the professor he let it go. With a crash of shattering glass it scattered across the floor.

The professor sat up instantly, the piece of paper stuck to his face. “I… wha?” He stammered, glasses askew. Ferb…

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Find Success Writing

Freelance writing, article writing, short stories and more!

It has been in the works for a year and is long overdue. It is high time that an affordable and updated short form literature pro guide is released. Short form writers need reliable information with as much detail as possible for success. Similar information might be able to be found with an abundance of patience and plenty of frustration and time, however, why spend days and weeks researching? Everything is in one place! The NEW guide is well-researched, updated, accurate and cheap.

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