The discipline to know yourself makes it a hell of a lot easier to summon the discipline to apply yourself.

I’d argue that the first discipline is harder than the second.

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8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. as one who knows herself, i still don’t know myself. not without a reference point to garner context. like a computer, it’s pretty useless unless it’s connected to not only a power supply, but also have a working operating system.
    I’m all in my head, and struggle to start/stop the master my physical self. ever so inert, juggernaut cannot be moved or stopped by force (except by the subtle vibrations of winds). it’s ridiculous that it really does come down to magic words. hah.

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      • Thats why Dante called it the divine comedy. We’re pure entertainment, play things, for anything greater than us. We take ourselves so seriously when really this pompous fanfare is all a farce. Everyone is trying to be more than or something other than they are. And none will admit it, and get indignant at the mere suggestion. We are all a variety of masks and hats and props and crap, and there are those who think they are *their stuff*.

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  2. Nope, the first one is easier actually. You always know yourself. No matter what you do, deep down you know if you are right or wrong. I would say summoning the will to change yourself or put yourself on the right track is harder. You may know you are wrong, but not everyone has the will to correct himself.

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    • I’d disagree. The idea that we deceive ourselves is central to modern psychology, and can be interpreted into functional data through scientific experiments. PTSD arises from an inability to reconcile who you think you are with what you actually are (what you did).

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