This is, so far, the best approach I have seen that applies to chaos/ambiguity:

1.  Adopt the strongest, most flexible position:  I Don’t Know.  (This makes me humble, and allows me to consider all angles)

2.  Decide on what is most likely to be functional.

3.  Adjust my position in accordance with step 2 (Sometimes, it just goes back to I Don’t Know.) and decide what action, if any, is warranted.

So far, this keeps me humble and clear-headed, and allows me to delve into any subject from spirituality to politics without getting ensorcelled in the trap of assumptive dogma.

10 thoughts on “Musings

    • I’ve read he was a soldier (hoplite, I think?) back in the days of hand-to-hand combat. I wonder how that shaped him…it was a different world and a different culture, obviously, but still, I wonder what his opinion would be on the principles that have changed, and what principles have stayed the same.


  1. he’d still be saying “I don’t know, what do you think”, he knew that none of us could ever have the answer, which is why he is still my guide – cheers, richibi

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    • are you talking about the OODA loop as proposed by Colonel Boyd? (I believe it’s actually Observe Orient Decide Act). A fascinating take on that by Rory Miller is that if you’re in a high-stress situation where your opponent continually disrupts your orientation, you simply attack the first target of opportunity as hard as you can, hopefully gaining some space and allowing you to complete the loop. 🙂


    • Nice! From what I understand about Japanese corporate culture, they entrench their employees within one company for decades, which gives rise to the term “salaryman.” Admittedly, I don’t know much more than that…but I wonder how they deal with an employee who is no longer motivated but still has the professorial equivalent of tenure. I imagine that’s a detriment to the company’s function.


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