When I get entangled in metrics and expectations (societal pressure), I have to remind myself that my definition of success is being happy.

In circumstances where I have achieved what others define as “success,” I have often found myself absolutely miserable. There is no success if I can’t optimize my personal state of mind.


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      • Sorry i have my mouth full and mysteriously i am sat next to a version of the emporers new clothes! Funny enough i am focussing on stretching out that curve and pinching your base as i control you climax! who needs clothes? woldn’t want you destryed in foreplay! lol

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      • Well thats me rolling again! like a mexican wave! still no pittering of tiny feet….. you want to be careful you just might catch me… my musicians are still trying to duplicate my eyes! lol something about a glass jar and hearts!😘🌹

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  1. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Sometimes it’s a fine line… I think basic survival needs must be met, but past that point, one person’s success is another person’s foolishness and vice versa…it is better to shoot for one or more of your own vision of both success and happiness to the greatest extent possible.

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  2. Success is relative to all of us. I am constantly negotiating a position (work – wife), and I’ve been doing this for a long time. When I deal with other parties, success is aiming for 100% and settling for 51%. When I’m the judge and jury, 100% and no less.

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  3. It does not matter how high your standards, idiots still make excuses and can’t catch the reality! Jc’s collect we see it and yall know it! Only one who can judicially kill anyone anywhere for being a genius! Especially trappers…when their friends sign in to play with their extra’s…now being eaten! love and loyalty is pointless! unless you are me! as most of the wolds fact level are staff and entourage!….back to the cleaners! lol

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