In my quest to attain more, I have continually realized I have more than enough (sometimes it took time and perspective to see the validity of that within certain circumstances.).

That’s not an excuse to stop dreaming, but to dream without the burden of a lack-tainted focus.


17 thoughts on “Musings

  1. This is really so true. We are trained in this society I think to have an insatiable appetite because it sustains and benefits somebody else. And it just seems to ripple out from things to circumstances. Sometimes I don’t just find I have more than enough, I find that I have more than enough to bury me, weighing me down and taking me away from those simple moments of joy that matter most. But to be in the moment and notice everything that is
    already good is a more profound wealth.

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  2. Good morning. Interesting thought. I see dreams in two parts—freedom in creating the imagery but attention to its development. There’s news in dreams. On wholeness, as you say, is acceptance. Thank you for the challenge and inspiration.

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  3. i was set to be the devil! So angels’s how shall you pass! i achieved all their dreams carrying them to pass to theirs and just in case i drank them in! Killed them religiously by the Mayan calendar and delivered them in to new bodies with world knowledge it took four decades i completed six masters! now i just dream for space!…companionship and someone solid on 24 levels to share it with! otherwise i shall have to start collecting those who love me in a new body! 💋

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