Ironically, I find that I experience the most freedom when I apply rigorous discipline unto my being.  I gravitate toward conscious control, rather than blind reaction.


12 thoughts on “Musings

  1. The ancient philosophers believed that each individual human being is really a conglomerate of competing goals and drives. Plato, for example, believed in an animal side, a ‘spirited’ side based on self-esteem, and a rational side. A human is truly free when he or her controls the animal and spirited side with the rational mind, called ‘nous’ by the Greeks.

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  2. There are two kinds of freedom – freedom from things we don’t want – e.g. oppression, disease, etc. – and freedom to do things. Disciplined restrictions sometimes help to provide freedom from things – e.g. the problems that can come with impulsive behaviour. But, also, discipline in one aspect of life sometimes provides the support for a freeing up from discipline in another area. I person who lives according to a strict routine may, because the practical aspects of his life are easily managed, be able to allows his imagination to run free in a way that a person who’s life is more chaotic may not.

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    • I’m with you. And this is why always studying my reactions to events and teasing out what I truly want (since humans tend to hide their true narratives from themselves) is invaluable. It allows me to know when to buck the “rules of thumb.”


  3. Agreed… Self-control does not restrict freedom. You are still free to act as you see fit. Your actions are simply not chaotic and disharmonious with with your goals and reality. As for spontaneity, that is based on appearance. Even well-planned actions can appear spontaneous to the observer that is not aware of the plan.

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