The inevitable passage of time makes everything into a game; will I accomplish my goals within the allotted time, or won’t I?  In the past, I’ve fallen prey to the belief that simple persistence would carry me to victory, but that’s not the case if you account for the inevitability of time.

So I’m trapped in a game whether I like it or not.  A crucial step in “winning” is acknowledging that constraint.


3 thoughts on “Musings

  1. A game, by definition is an artificial construct, with rules and scoring assigned arbitrarily. Games exist only in the minds of people. We can mold game attributes around our experiences to “make a game out of it.” Why not make “what is so” a win?

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    • Indeed! In the practical sense, losing at the game of life—however you choose to frame your own goals—seems to narrow down options and possibility for fulfillment. If someone can be satisfied with what they’ve personally done and accomplished, then they can withstand others’ judgment.

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