From what I’ve seen, many fail to see discipline as a path to strategic excellence.  In acquiring discipline, people set up quantifiable boundaries—neatness, fitness, routine, etiquette—and these are necessary in the beginning, so that one isn’t derailed by their personal cravings.  But IMO, the goal of discipline isn’t to slavishly maintain “respectable” practices; it’s to be free from the nagging of cravings so that one can break the rules when necessary, then return to doctrine—if necessary.  It’s not about worshipping some illusory ideal—being “tough” or “hard”—it’s about honing will and perception to the point where one can objectively decide what the next priority is, and have the personal fortitude to follow through on it.  In this way, one can follow in the steps of Musashi, who flagrantly violated tradition/etiquette on a routine basis, yet maintained excellence through his focus on strategy.  To me, EXCELLENCE is the goal, not some robotic perpetuation of tradition and etiquette.


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