Many times I have attained a desire, but it fell short of how I thought it would make me feel. So instead of denying a desire or clawing my way toward its materialization, I try and focus on the feeling I’d want if I attained that desire.

Through that feeling, I get the essence of what I wanted, if not the materialization. Ironically, the material things I had wanted—or something even better—seem to follow. You can attribute that to magic or psychology or a mixture of both, but I’m not interested in arguing about something that indeterminable. I just go with the cliché and try for positivity.


15 thoughts on “Musings

    • Perhaps from an omnipotent perspective, where the destination cannot be reached because of omnipotence leading to omnipresence and the lack of challenge, the constraints of space, time and individuality lead to a journey, which literally becomes the destination.

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