Comparison and contrast are how we build linear narratives. Without the differences born from time and space, we could never go on adventures or tell any stories. They’re the fundamental building blocks behind creation and expansion.

But all too often, we use comparison/contrast to make ourselves miserable, to deem ourselves lesser than others with “more.” Ironically, those with “more” are often revealed to also be miserable, driven to view themselves as “lesser” than so-and-so through comparison and contrast.

I’d rather enjoy my untapped potential—have fun improving my position relative to others, or relative to where I used to be. Honestly, when I’m lost in the throes of self-improvement (which imo honors the need for relaxation and recovery), I forget all about everyone else.


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    • This may sound cliche, but you have to feel around for yourself and balance your instincts and evidence into doing what feels right. If I could tell you what guideposts to use and how to get to them, there wouldn’t be any reason behind us having different perspectives. You have your own unique perspective for a reason, and you’ll be called to walk your own unique path.


  1. Also seen in art and in photography as levels to adjust to one’s pleasurable view. And it absolutely pushes us to get ahead, but I agree it is necessary to stay in the mix and sometimes take yourself out of the equation to view the overall picture. Thanks for sharing your point of view, insightful as always.

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  2. The professor tries to teach this. It is amazing how few get it or can find a cross curriculum way to relate to it. The difficulty lies not in “where’s mine?” or “why not me?” but in understanding the difference between what we are sold, fantasy, and our own life. Here’s a great intro from an old Styx show. It ain’t ELP, but it’s US power ballad shlock in top form!

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  3. First, I want to say: thanks for liking my post, “The Seeker,” especially for someone with nearly 30,000 followers.

    Second: I agree with this post a lot. Often, we compare ourselves to those we deem greater without taking into account their lives, projecting what we imagine onto them instead of figuring out who they really are.

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  4. whats this speculation for… obviously aint focussed enough on your events! More action, kent wayne! batgirl and Harley quinn agree…….i am regularrly available for a natter send me an email……lol 🤔

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  5. Thanks sharing these thoughts. Disconnect from the digital conversations that travel the world many times over. When one finds peace, the scrimmage between contrast and comparison will pause . . . for a breath-saving moment.

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