For most of my life, I have focused on outward conditions—on how to arrive at a result through the mechanical projection of my willpower and logic. Later, I began to focus on my internal state, allowing myself to instinctively/intuitively take advantage of spontaneous opportunities.

Eventually, I realized that regardless of whatever I may be outwardly doing, the end of my internal struggle is the beginning of victory.


36 thoughts on “Musings

  1. It’s amazing how we can beat our selves up by holding things in, to the point it destroys our outside world. It’s one of the reasons I started writing the past few years. I scrawled through many a journals, throwing them away at times, only to realize those thoughts, those hurts, those regrets, those dreams were still inside. Getting them out helps relieve my angst and let’s me refocus so I can tackle the “real world” ( whatever the heck that is!) better and with a smile (most of the time!). Here’s to finding peace among the chaos! 🍷🥃

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  2. confidence oozes; letting those see your humble centres just reminds them why your guards should be massive! Also reminds me that despite our linguistic play a reminder that i am grateful for your time, energy and deflection into our creative endeavours! Just wish it equated to intimate pleasure that was tangible! i recovered my daughter twice today just when i think i got it right! someone starts! the joy of big marriages! 🔥 😈

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  3. Self written publication started under wordpress! authorised for the term of setting! Form rigidity is self protective! Success achieved though his formatting, his success through literary uniqueness, just shows that despite his choice of animated personality, he his own way to express set in his own chosen format! …… not commercial, he is representing his work successfully…..each book a new transfer, of those levels he interns, the role of the author is as usual to air in whatever format is comfortable in! self promtion is not commercial why change something that works!

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  4. yes….wolfpack growling at self righteous returner from writing sabatical! Lost in a world of knowledge a mind of world books, it is difficult to keep quiet! Bit like warm eveningss by the fire side aa i warm you up with a few hours of kissing! snuggling ans spooning! lol lots o growling!

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