When I was younger, I believed that ethical principles alone could carry me to victory, but as I grew older, my observations on adversity have led me to change my opinion.

I now believe that civilization is fragile, and that the ability to achieve a positive result is what allows us the option to behave ethically.  So when we demonstrate discipline and sound strategy, we increase our chances of being placed in a position where we can propagate ethics.


2 thoughts on “Musings

  1. “Being placed” is now ideological. We Americans, as well as the rest of the developed world are at war with each other in every sense but physical. Whatever you want to do will have to align with the politics of the person who “places.” Philosophy is wonderful in an environment of peace.

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    • Indeed! And unlike when we were forced to be held accountable by the harsh forces of evolution, I believe we now must hold ourselves accountable through inductive and deductive logic with an eye toward effectiveness.


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